Words can never fully say what we want them to say. – Margaret Weis.

Words can never fully say what we want them to say,sometimes, the, words we say with the best intentions come out the wrong way,they fumble, stammer, break bones and break the best porcelain, so why don’t we rather choose hope over wordsfor it could bring us a partner who would in silence, share our heartsContinue reading “Words can never fully say what we want them to say. – Margaret Weis.”

Do Words Have Power?

Yes they do,believe it because it’s true they strengthen us when we’re weak,and in times of doubts they give belief, but you’ve to speak and believethat at your command everything listens, obeys and leads you as the crow fliesto your heart desires; So when the spoken words of your mouthagree with the thoughts of yourContinue reading “Do Words Have Power?”

Words Or Actions.

Actions make things happen and not words, too many words bring confusion and fear to the fore, and once these two take the front seat, actions take flight, living you with empty dreams, it’s alright to talk about it, but it’s better to go about it; words explain how it’s done, action gets the jobContinue reading “Words Or Actions.”

“It Can’t Be Done” – Every Startup’s Worst Nightmare.

Have you been told recently by a loved one or an expert. that what you envision can’t be done or can’t be achieved. Where have those words placed you? At the point of giving up on your dream or you have crossed the bridge and burnt it down, never to retreat until you have provedContinue reading ““It Can’t Be Done” – Every Startup’s Worst Nightmare.”

Have You Said It All?

Say nothing more after you have said it all, or you risk saying the right words that come out wrong, words, once they are out, you can’t take them back, yea, you could only apologize, but what about the wounded heart, that suspicion and distrust have taken over? the damage may never be undone, soContinue reading “Have You Said It All?”

I Wish It Was That Simple…

I wish it was that simple for me to say to you, ‘It’s well’, then you look around and realize that your night has turned to day, I wish it was simple for me to say the word, then you stop worrying about that challenge that’s troubling your soul, but words are mere words untilContinue reading “I Wish It Was That Simple…”