Prevent A Heart Disease At Any Age.

Your health is your wealth, so protect it, and do your best, when you can, to stay disease free: and yes, still continue to live for those goals, but there wouldn’t be any goals to live for, when there’s no life any more. Find out how to keep your heart free of disease at-—At-Any-Age_UCM_442925_Article.jsp#mainContent

When You Appreciate Who You Are, You Become Aware Of The Best Of What Only You Can Have.

You are lovely the way you are, so, learn to love who you are and hold nothing back, when it is in your hand to give yourself a beautiful treat and a good time, always remember that a sound mind lives in a healthy body, and that a healthy body is a product of consciously,Continue reading “When You Appreciate Who You Are, You Become Aware Of The Best Of What Only You Can Have.”

Own The Spring And Thirst No More.

Once you have found what you love to do, you have found a way not to work any more, and as a bonus, you have discovered the path to wealth and wellness, where peace of mind births contentment and happiness. +++ People respond to your request for help according to the genuineness of your plight,Continue reading “Own The Spring And Thirst No More.”

Is Laughter The Secret To Longevity?

In a violent and loveless world where many people are seriously chasing money and career growth, less and less people are not seeing anything to laugh about. Most people have lost their sense of humor. However, there are few people who believe that having a good sense of homor improves longevity. So, do you wantContinue reading “Is Laughter The Secret To Longevity?”

Show Your Body Some Love.

All those dreams will remain a mirage, except you are living in a healthy body, that can help you manage and balance the strain and the stress of work, so show your body some love, work hard but find time also to work out, eat well, sleep well, do your best to live well andContinue reading “Show Your Body Some Love.”

Ways To Deal With Anxiety.

You wish you could make the days run faster, so that you would, put your hands on that thing, you have worked so hard for now that you are so sure or . so hopeful that it is yours, and you can’t wait, sleepless nights must set in, you can’t focus or concentrate on anyContinue reading “Ways To Deal With Anxiety.”

5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight And The Bitterness Of Unwellness.

It doesn’t make sense to explore rough terrains, endure all the pains to secure what makes life comfortable and pleasurable, only to succumb to the helplessness of unwellness right when life ought to be sweetest. *** 5 Reasons you are not losing that weight (In summary) 1. You are eating less protein and so, youContinue reading “5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight And The Bitterness Of Unwellness.”

You Can Live Longer (8 Surprising Ways To Live Longer).

We all know we can’t live forever, but don’t we all wish we could live much more longer, stay healthy and strong for many years and not be a burden on anybody in old age, there is good news, you can achieve that dream and this is how start by treating your body the healthyContinue reading “You Can Live Longer (8 Surprising Ways To Live Longer).”

Ageing Gracefully (How To Prevent Urinary Retention).

As days go by, age begins to tell, long standing harmless habits suddenly begin to give you serious health concerns, thus, when you are younger, it makes sense, to watch what you eat and how you live, so that when you get to the twilight of your life you wouldn’t have to live in avoidableContinue reading “Ageing Gracefully (How To Prevent Urinary Retention).”

The Key To Greatness Is Living In The Perfect.

In your being is where I lock my being, take me everywhere, anywhere, I am living my dream, think for me, act for me; all these are not new, you have aways lived for me, no, am neither crazy not lazy, I just hold the key, to wellness, happiness and greatness, i know my successContinue reading “The Key To Greatness Is Living In The Perfect.”