7 Frederick W. Smith Quotes On Leadership, Innovation and Wealth.

Frederick Wallace Smith, born on August 11 in 1944 is an American businessman.Known for being the founder and CEO of FedEx. Below are 7 of his thoughts on leadership, innovation and wealth. Leaders get out in front and stay there by raising the standards by which they judge themselves – and by which they areContinue reading “7 Frederick W. Smith Quotes On Leadership, Innovation and Wealth.”

Your Mind: How Powerful Is It?

Do you know how powerful your mind is? Just take the time to explore and discover it and you will be happy with what you see, you will unearth great wealth and riches, hidden by an inactive mind, a wealth not known to a mind that relies on others, to think, act and speak, soContinue reading “Your Mind: How Powerful Is It?”

What Do You #Care About?

Most #care about things that are here today and are gone tomorrow. They care more about the abundance in the shadow and careless about the wealth in the substance. They care about nothing while deluding themselves to care about much because there is nothing of value in the much they are pursuing. (www.twitter.com/Ayietim1). Most peopleContinue reading “What Do You #Care About?”