“I quit being afraid when…”-. Al Neuharth

“I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didn’t fall down.” – Al Neuharth. Be very afraid when you fail to try, so don’t. Fail to try. Try anf fail. Although sometimes, you will fall but when you fail, the sky will not fall. The sky will continue to hang upContinue reading ““I quit being afraid when…”-. Al Neuharth”

You Deserve Your ‘Me Time’ To Assess Your Content.

No matter how much people want to have your time, create time often to be alone. You deserve your quiet time. You need to create time regularly to take stock of the depth of your content. Use the opportunity to erase portions of your content that are bringing in negative returns. Fill up empty spacesContinue reading “You Deserve Your ‘Me Time’ To Assess Your Content.”

Being Prepared Always Is Timing It Right.

Sometimes you can’t wait for the time it’s going to happen. At other times, it happens on you suddenly, taking you by surprise. So be prepared always. Be prepared always because most times, you would be unable to tell when it’s going to happen. To take advantage of uncontrollable events, put yourself where it’s couldn’tContinue reading “Being Prepared Always Is Timing It Right.”

How To Stop A Stressful Life From Stressing You Out.

Don’t let a stressful life stress you out. Don’t let a stressful life make you lose sight of life’s thrills and excitements. Life is boring and incomplete if no space is created for fun and relaxation. So, try as much as you can to build a good time into your life as often as youContinue reading “How To Stop A Stressful Life From Stressing You Out.”

John Berger – “What makes photography a strange invention is… light and time.”

John Berger – “What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time.” The most beautiful picture is first, a negative, undeveloped, no exactness, it’s not real, so can’t be realied upon for correctness, until it is developed, to develop it, the positive raw materials of light and timeContinue reading “John Berger – “What makes photography a strange invention is… light and time.””

There May Be No Second Coming, So Create Your Moments.

Wait not for the big moment, it might never come; create little pockets of moments, be on top of every situation, your life is yours; they say; you only strike the iron when it’s hot, well, if you have the time you can wait for it to get hot but if you are busy likeContinue reading “There May Be No Second Coming, So Create Your Moments.”

The Ultimate Prize Is Ahead.

Life is a long distance race, the records are alway set, so, don’t waste your time on unnecessary competitions, nobody is really interested in a fight, they are all focused on the mission to live meaningfully and bequeath a worthy legacy, this wouldn’t be achieved when you constantly veer off your track, and constantly lookContinue reading “The Ultimate Prize Is Ahead.”

Put Your Hero In Rough Places And On Sharp Edges.

If you could just start today, then tomorrow would take care of itself, there is luck but you must be at the right place at the right time, without you being right about place and time, then forget about time and chance, look inside of you and wake up the hero in you, put itContinue reading “Put Your Hero In Rough Places And On Sharp Edges.”

The Space And The Time Of Success.

Things are constantly changing, dynamism drives living, the living are always changing, you have a strong desire to fly without perching, but you must perch to start learning the truth, the fact and the way the basic pillars upon which the earth rotates, for nothing violates natural laws and survives, your success must move inContinue reading “The Space And The Time Of Success.”