The Height You Attain Is A Function Of Your Content.

Standing on the path of a moving train is no bravery, it’s an act of foolishness, it’s suicidal and it’s crazy. When you need a good fight, pick on someone your own size, a bloodied face is an embarrassing site, any time. Don’t try to start big when your means are very small, however, there’sContinue reading “The Height You Attain Is A Function Of Your Content.”

Real Success Is a Feeling of True Happiness.

Success is about the feeling in your heart, when you feel successful, then you are successful. It’s not about what you have, you can have the whole world and you will still not be successful, yes, you won’t feel success in your heart, not even in your spirit and you won’t feel it in yourContinue reading “Real Success Is a Feeling of True Happiness.”

Great Things Great Leaders Do.

The greatness of a leader is determined by the gratefulness of his equally great followers A leader whether born or made must always strive for greatness. Greatness in this case, is as described and understood by his followers and not the one he selfishly arrogates to himself. Followers, while trying to determine the greatness orContinue reading “Great Things Great Leaders Do.”