What Are The Five Tasks Of Strategic Management?

Strategic planning is an important process for determining overall objectives, policies and strategies of a business. Strategic planning is a long range activity that is often constructed to cover a period of up to ten years. Strategic planning and analysis are a part of a larger concept known as strategic management. Strategic management is theContinue reading “What Are The Five Tasks Of Strategic Management?”

Is It Okay To Have 101 Goals?

Having many goals doesn’t mean you should attempt to achieve all of them at the same time. Such attempt would put you under a lot of pressure for time to sit down, reassess your strategy and make it more effective. And the consequence could be much worse. You could lose focus on attending to dailyContinue reading “Is It Okay To Have 101 Goals?”

There’s Always Something You Can Do About It, Just Reprogramme.

Cut off from, ‘nothing you can do about’, because there’s always, ‘something you can do about it’; yes, there is always an option, another way to approach a problem and find the solution; all you must is, reprogramme your mind, to unlearn what you have been stuck with, then learn a whole new tactic andContinue reading “There’s Always Something You Can Do About It, Just Reprogramme.”

Last 24 Hours.

Hello My Friend, The count down to next year has begun. The last 24 hours, the last chance, not enough to do much, but enough to do just enough to hit the ground running next year. I know that next year is going to be a special year for you if you can create andContinue reading “Last 24 Hours.”

Eat Problems For Breakfast.

Expect problems and eat them for breakfast- Alfred. A. Montapert. Have you had your breakfast yet? Of course you know I am talking about that first meal taken after rising from a night sleep mostly taken in the morning before work. I want to propose the most bizzare of food for your next breakfast. YourContinue reading “Eat Problems For Breakfast.”