Pour Some Wine For The Troubled Mind.

A troubled mind is an arse on fire, panicky, no peace in wine, truth just escapes the mind, momentarily, eventually, reality is ever present, ever so real, ever inflicting pains on a troubled mind, hiding under illusions, when it could sit up and search for solutions, by asking questions, keeping pride aside, possibly, you couldContinue reading “Pour Some Wine For The Troubled Mind.”

Voltaire – No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.

No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking, so focus your mind on it without blinking, a pressing problem causes restlessness, but don’t be distressed, rather let it push you to your best, to a mind set that would ask right questions: and fetch answers that provide the solution.

A Problem Presents An Opportunity To Be Creative.

When another problem comes to you, it’s time to seek avenues to unleash your creative juice, turn on the tap, let your mind be watered, by the awesomeness of creativity hidden in your innate talent. Don’t allow problems to weigh you down, you have the talent to find a way out, when a problem knocksContinue reading “A Problem Presents An Opportunity To Be Creative.”

Don’t Wait To Be Found!!

Humans love problem solvers, but most problem solvers are never discovered, the die unsong, unheard of and worst of all, they go to the grave with the solution desired by all. This is the tragedy of most intelligent folks, they know alot but don’t know the little thing they are supposed to know, and thatContinue reading “Don’t Wait To Be Found!!”