7 Self-Love Quotes To Boost Your Confidence.

You’re all you’ve in this world,When you’re lost, the world moves onand it does so without youbut not without someone filling the space left by you. 7 Top self-love quotes: 1. You think you’re alone? And you want to cry and weep? Go ahead and do it. You may some sympathizers for a while butContinue reading “7 Self-Love Quotes To Boost Your Confidence.”

Don’t compromise yourself – you’re all you have. – John Grisham

Don’t! No pressure should force you to compromise,you lose the very foundation of your being when you compromise,sometimes you get what you exchange your essence for,but when your senses are back after the ephemeral satisfaction is gone, you realize that you’re no more,your true self worth is zero, on the inside you’re hollow,then it strikesContinue reading “Don’t compromise yourself – you’re all you have. – John Grisham”

How Do I Reach My Self Worth?

How much is your self worth? Does it give you confidence or does it make you feel inferior in life? If your self worth gives you an inferiority complex then you are not ever going to live a happy life. Because you are not ever going to dare to think big and dare to reachContinue reading “How Do I Reach My Self Worth?”

How To Determine Your True Self-Worth.

Everybody has a value that’s worth more than any precious stone, but the problem is most don’t know how much they are worth and so they sell themselves for nothing to those who exploit them again and again and leave them without a dime or a word of appreciation. So bad! However, the good newsContinue reading “How To Determine Your True Self-Worth.”

What’s Your True Self-Worth? Do You Love Yourself?

Do you love yourself? How much do you love yourself? Is it really that important? Yes it is. It is important that you love yourself because if you don’t, you will not discover your self-worth. Knowing your self-worth is necessary to understanding the value of what you have to offer the world. The awareness ofContinue reading “What’s Your True Self-Worth? Do You Love Yourself?”

Don’t Waste Your Time On Someone Who Doesn’t Appreciate Who You Are.

In a situation where you spend quality time doing your best for anybody who recognises you as a nobody because they believe that their struggle to be a somebody is not a function of who you are and what you can do, then you are left with one option. Walk away from anobody who seesContinue reading “Don’t Waste Your Time On Someone Who Doesn’t Appreciate Who You Are.”

Never Mind The Critics, Your Value They Will Never See.

Critics know your worth, they don’t know your value. Do you know their work? It is to get your self-esteem subdued. Listen to them but don’t pay much attention, what makes sense to them is a blanket condemnation. Never mind the critics, their job is to criticize but the solution they will never provide. StickContinue reading “Never Mind The Critics, Your Value They Will Never See.”

Making Money Easily:

Money, money, money, money rules the world and everything in it, at least that is what they say, isn’t it. You feel so insecured and so unsure of yourself when you don’t have money in your pockets. You use money to satisfy the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. You need money to climbContinue reading “Making Money Easily:”