Secrets By Lola Ridge.

Secrets infesting my half- sleep… did you enter my wound from another wound brushing mine in a crowd… or did I snare you on my sharper edges as a bird flying through cobwebbed trees at sun-up carries off spiders on its wings? Secrets, running over my soul without sound, only when dawn comes tip-toeing usheredContinue reading “Secrets By Lola Ridge.”

Relationships & Questions, Secrets & Answers.

In a relationship, nobody wants to be lied to but nobody wants to be asked questions about well kept secrets. S6, if you want your relationship to grow and blossom, then you must understand that some questions are better left unanswered. Then what should you do about those questions which have been bothering you forContinue reading “Relationships & Questions, Secrets & Answers.”

You Deserved A Second Chance.

When I first found out, I was so angry, i trusted you with my heart and with my secrets, so when I found out that you had a secret you didn’t share, I was outraged, reasons took flight, I didn’t want you to explain, I felt you would tell more lies to explain and thus,Continue reading “You Deserved A Second Chance.”