What Are You Searching For?

Search not for what you have, invest what you have wisely and wait patiently, don’t go in search of fair weather, control what you can but not the seasons, everything happens for a reason, your existence is not an accident, so for every step, have a reason. WHAT ARE YOU SEARCHING FOR?; 1. Grief can…

“I quit being afraid when…”-. Al Neuharth

“I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didn’t fall down.” – Al Neuharth. Be very afraid when you fail to try, so don’t. Fail to try. Try anf fail. Although sometimes, you will fall but when you fail, the sky will not fall. The sky will continue to hang up…

The World Is Bleeding, No More Happy Season.

The world is sad, the plains and the deserts, the forests and the rivers, all have sadness in their hearts, the world is bleeding, their leaders are busy giving long speeches, beguiling the people and protecting vested interests, their peoples’ blood, poverty and hell, the foundation of them leaders’ heaven. the longer the nightmare, the…

Your Dark Days Must Give Way.

As the dark clouds give way to showers of blessing, to water the earth and the soul that’s thirsty, so shall your dark days give birth, to bright and better days, but you must keep working, keep praying and keep believing, in yourself,and in a world that rewards all works in due season.

Time And Season.

Sometimes, you believe time is short, the hours are not enough, for you to do your job, satisfactorily enough. This shouldn’t be the case, prioritize, do first things first, jettison procrastination, consistently review your actions, don’t be lacking in inspiration, life operates within time and season.

When It’s Your Turn, Give It Your All, You Will Soon Move On.

Time is short, time is precious, before your turn, others were there, they did their business, now it’s your turn, forget the past, don’t criticize, it’s your time now, give it your all, do it right, you will soon have to move on, someone else will come along, and may not appreciate your best efforts.