Sacrifice: The Price Of Success.

Everything has a price and success is no exception. When you pick on a venture and make up your mind to make a success of it, you should equally make up your mind to pay a price. The price is also the sacrifice. Or what economists call opportunity cost. You must sacrifice your leisure, sometimes,Continue reading “Sacrifice: The Price Of Success.”

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Maya Angelou.

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Maya Angelou. The world is not for you alone, it’s not only about your happiness, sorrow and hope, when the storm frightens your world, you hope for a rainbow, your rainbow colors are the smiles of those who love you the most, if someone makes the sacrificeContinue reading ““Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Maya Angelou.”

“…It is gratitude that makes us joyful.” -David Rast.

“It is not joy that makes us grateful. It is gratitude that makes us joyful.” -David Rast. Yes, it’s a heart, full of gratitude that has joy; make thanksgiving a habit, show appreciation and open the door to the inner-most part of the heart, where joy, peace, love and happiness are found, gratitude brings joyContinue reading ““…It is gratitude that makes us joyful.” -David Rast.”

To Lead The Park, A Huge Sacrifice Is Required.

I have looked around, and I have realized that, those who get recognized to lead the park, are those that wear the identity of distinction, so, distinction is the requirement for recognition, and recognition paves the way for elevation, but distinction is preceded by the sacrifice nf pleasure for business, only very few are willingContinue reading “To Lead The Park, A Huge Sacrifice Is Required.”

Leadership Is Selfishness Sacrificed And Selflessness Amplified.

Don’t seek leadership until you are ready to sacrifice selfishness, leadership is the obliteration of personal existence, for a collective interest to take the centre stage, so, if you must lead, you must learn to think others first, always and last, and there is a big reward for this huge sacrifice, no single person canContinue reading “Leadership Is Selfishness Sacrificed And Selflessness Amplified.”

A Public Life Is A Sacrifice.

Are you angling for a public life, then be prepared to lay unclad in the market place, you skeletons in the cupboard will become public knowledge, people will concoct stories to rubbish you, people will hit you with half-truths, half-lies to make you lose your cool, friends may backstab you, your family may be turnedContinue reading “A Public Life Is A Sacrifice.”

The Ingratitude Of Human Beings, The Greatest Challenge Of Leadership.

Don’t aspire to lead others, until you accept the ingratitude of humans, because your best intentions for your followers, may sometimes be misunderstood and may be very unpopular, this could make you question the sacrifice you are making, and may make you become self-centered, a very destructive leadership tendency.

An Understanding Mind Calms The Rising Storm Before It Causes Any Harm.

It’s phenomenal, what an understanding mind can achieve, it listens patiently and ‘watches’ a rising storm closely, it knows there’s always a reason, for every rising storm, the reason, for it’s anger is always genuine, and it would want to prove it, no matter how destructive, it could be, and if it’s anger, is allowedContinue reading “An Understanding Mind Calms The Rising Storm Before It Causes Any Harm.”

Caught In Between Two Unattractive Options.

No option but there are options, you have a loved one, whose medical condition, has defied all known medical solutions, you are up to your neck in debts, still no change, the patient is just hanging in there, in between the faintest of life and the door of death, so, what do you do? yourContinue reading “Caught In Between Two Unattractive Options.”

There Is No Love Without Sacrifice.

A music without a rythmn is noise, love without a modicum of sacrifice is lust, it is sacrifice that will blend the differences, it is sacrifice that will strengthen the human failings and the weaknesses, sacrifice is self denial for the happiness of the other, sacrifice is for survival, survival of what is bigger thanContinue reading “There Is No Love Without Sacrifice.”