Relationships & Questions, Secrets & Answers.

In a relationship, nobody wants to be lied to but nobody wants to be asked questions about well kept secrets. S6, if you want your relationship to grow and blossom, then you must understand that some questions are better left unanswered. Then what should you do about those questions which have been bothering you forContinue reading “Relationships & Questions, Secrets & Answers.”

Why It’s Necessary To Accept Your Partner’s Needs- Marriage.

In a relationship, you enjoy a complete attention from a happy partner. Your partner’s happiness is a product of a need, satisfied. But sometimes, in your desperation to satisfy your own pressing needs and achieve your personal happiness, you may regard your partner’s needs with contempt. The consequence of this act of of thoughtlessness, isContinue reading “Why It’s Necessary To Accept Your Partner’s Needs- Marriage.”

Don’t Marry.

How do you see marriage? As a thing for angels or devils? For most young people who are still struggling to accept life’s realities, pleasant certainties and unpleasant certainties, marriage is deemed as a bed of roses with angels as gardeners. However, this is a dream about marriage shared by teens, who grew up orContinue reading “Don’t Marry.”

How To Cope With An Overcautious Partner?- Relationship.

How do you cope with an overcautious partner when you are someone who enjoys the excitement of getting much done within a short time? This is the dilemma of many relationships are going through. One is always playing catch up. And it is not a healthy imbalance because the ‘slow’ partner may give up andContinue reading “How To Cope With An Overcautious Partner?- Relationship.”

Is Online Dating For Everybody?- Relationship.

No. Online dating is not for everybody. An online dating platform could however be an alternative place to seek out a partner for someone too busy or too shy to go the old conventional way. If you have found a partner you want to marry, through an online dating App, take it a step further.Continue reading “Is Online Dating For Everybody?- Relationship.”

Marriage/Relationship- 5 Practical Ways To Succeed At Home Building.

Home building is a difficult task that shouldn’t be left to one person. Home building is the work for partners in love. It is for two partners who have made a commitment to build a common future. A future that must guarantee that dreams are fulfilled jointly and separately under one roof. H6me building isContinue reading “Marriage/Relationship- 5 Practical Ways To Succeed At Home Building.”

Relationship: Why Are You Tolerating An Abusive Relationship?

In your heart, you have had more than enough of the abuse. In your heart you have walked away several times. In reality, you are still giving him one more time. You are wishing and secretly praying that he should change, though you know that this may never happen. So, you are still sticking around waitingContinue reading “Relationship: Why Are You Tolerating An Abusive Relationship?”

Marriage And Relationship – How Do You Cope With A Serial Cheat?

You have cut him more than once, pants down. At first, he denied and went on the offensive. But when you refused to be cowed, he later admitted, confessed to it and apologized profusely. Your heart melted (afterall you love him so much and he knows it) and you took him back only for himContinue reading “Marriage And Relationship – How Do You Cope With A Serial Cheat?”

Marriage Is Like Rocket Science, Only ‘Weightless’ People Survive.

Relationship is tough. Marriage is like a rocket science. This is why some are afraid to get into it, many are quitting everyday and fewer numbers are braving the odds to the end. Those still living in the kitchen of relationship or marriage despite the heat, are the ‘weightless’ people. A husband who throws hisContinue reading “Marriage Is Like Rocket Science, Only ‘Weightless’ People Survive.”

This Is Why Most Marriages Crash.

Disrespect and lack of understanding are at the root of most marriage or relationship crashes. You will not agree with your partner on every view or opinion and dream or aspiration but you must respect such differences for the sake of the marriage or relationship. Show understanding because although you have agreed to work togetherContinue reading “This Is Why Most Marriages Crash.”