“Be honest, be nice, be a flower not a weed.” – Aaron Neville.

Everyone seeks acceptance,no one honestly likes to be turned down,but no one wants a nuisance,when they can get a nice beautiful flower;the gardener takes out the weedbecause expensive is its acceptance, zero is it’s yield;the gardener allows the nice flower only,because of its honesty,what it promises is what it yields,beauty and sweetness;unlike the weed thatContinue reading ““Be honest, be nice, be a flower not a weed.” – Aaron Neville.”

5 Truths To Know And Stop Rejection From Causing A Heartbreak.

Often, rejection and heartbreak come together. It is very difficult.to go through life without having a need for another human being. Human relationships are therefore almost inevitable. This inevitability leass to another inevitability; rejection and heartbreak. In your relationships, you may have  no power to stop rejection fron coming to you but you have theContinue reading “5 Truths To Know And Stop Rejection From Causing A Heartbreak.”

Go Home ( 5 Steps To A Big ‘Comeback’).

It’s a hopeless situation, a very desperate situation when every door you knock, is slammed in your face. Don’t feel depressed, go home. It’s either you have been knocking on the wrong doors or you have been knocking on the right doors, the wrong way. Go home and 1. Learn. Master what works for youContinue reading “Go Home ( 5 Steps To A Big ‘Comeback’).”

Do This When This Happens.

When were you fired from your job? Was it when you believed you were giving your best? And was it when you needed the job so much for the money and for the security? When were you told it was over? Was it when it seemed peaceful and comfortable? And probably, it was when youContinue reading “Do This When This Happens.”

Every disappointment carries a message of blessing,

Every disappointment carries a message of blessing, often we don’t see it because we are busy cursing, complaining into every listening ear, blaming everything but reading the message of blessing; what’s the message? Sometimes, when you are rejected, it doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough, you are being saved from being underpaid for your efforts,Continue reading “Every disappointment carries a message of blessing,”

That Achievement Was Once An Invisible Dream.

That achievement was once an invisible dream which has been made visible through the confidence to start, the willingness to fail, the strength to start all over again, the persistence to hold on and the patience to wait to the end for the last possible outcome. Every dream begins as a disruption to the ‘normal’.Continue reading “That Achievement Was Once An Invisible Dream.”

Don’t We All Deserve A Second Chance?

Everybody deserves a second chance. Some have made it back to greatness when they were given a second chance. Have you offended someone before and later sought the chance to apologize and make peace with the person and yourself, only to be denied that second chance? How did you feel? Bad, right? Do you agreeContinue reading “Don’t We All Deserve A Second Chance?”

Do Your Best To Take Care Of Yourself.

When you suffer rejection, accept yourself, you can’t walk away from yourself, when people doubt you, trust your inner strength, always do your best, when you suffer humiliation, take it with a big smile, let it not hurt your pride, when people abandon you, hold your head up high and carry on with life, letContinue reading “Do Your Best To Take Care Of Yourself.”

Rejection Is Not The End Of The Story.

The world is a combination of beauty and ugliness, when it gifts you it’s beauty, you don’t want the party to end, you wish that your life will remain on that beautiful lane, it’s a natural wish, and it’s unlikely, that a human being who is sane, will choose the worst and shun the best.Continue reading “Rejection Is Not The End Of The Story.”

How Many Times Have You Been Rejected?

Rejected yet again? Aw, so frustrating, several attempts, equal number of rejections, so discouraging, what are you going to do now? Maybe, you should jump into the bed and stay there all day and all night, for several weeks and shut the damn world outside. What an enticing option, so inviting, although not inspiring, youContinue reading “How Many Times Have You Been Rejected?”