“Today will die tomorrow.” – Algernon Charles Swinburne.

Today is just 24 hours,it will die by midnight, then tomorrow is bornto take over where today is either lost or won,: By tomorrow, missed opportunitieswill become a bag of regrets,while opportunities takenwill form the key that opensthe door to everything that will maketomorrow better than today.

Anger: Managing The Thorn In The Heart.

Often, you tend to do crazy things when you are angry. Crazy things which you often regret you did when you have ‘sobered up’ (anger is a state of drunkenness). Why do you have those regrets? Because you sometimes, in moments of anger, do and say things that instantly stop you from moving forward. Or,Continue reading “Anger: Managing The Thorn In The Heart.”

The Road Is Uphill, Table Land And Downhill.

The road of life is uphill, a table land and downhill, many don’t love the struggle it is, to go uphill, so they stay down and complain to everyone, about how life is so unfair to them because they don’t have adequate formal education, don’t have the right family name and don’t know someone whoContinue reading “The Road Is Uphill, Table Land And Downhill.”