Pour Some Wine For The Troubled Mind.

A troubled mind is an arse on fire, panicky, no peace in wine, truth just escapes the mind, momentarily, eventually, reality is ever present, ever so real, ever inflicting pains on a troubled mind, hiding under illusions, when it could sit up and search for solutions, by asking questions, keeping pride aside, possibly, you couldContinue reading “Pour Some Wine For The Troubled Mind.”

Loose Lips Sink Ships.

…So put a lid on your lips, before you sink the ship that is carrying your dream, your future and the promise of a better life. You are not the only with a problem, others have theirs too. So shut up and deal with yours, nobody is truly interested in what you are going through.Continue reading “Loose Lips Sink Ships.”

5 Reasons Why Critical Thinking Is Not Wrong.

What is wrong with taking the time to critically, think things through? Is critical thinking a waste of time that never leads to better actions? If it is useless, should it be discarded and every action taken based on intuition? I don’t think so. Critical thinking is not a waste of time. No matter howContinue reading “5 Reasons Why Critical Thinking Is Not Wrong.”

John Glenn On Curiousity, Problem and Progress.

If people like Edison had waited to make every …or Ben Franklin or some of those people had waited to solve every problem on earth before they did their research or before they were curious about doing something new, we’d never have made a lot of the progress we have.- John Glenn.

You Have A Dynamite, Your Mind Is A Power House.

When a giant of a problem stands right in front of you, blocks your view, you don’t need your physical eyes to think, you need presence of mind, use it, and enlarge your thinking, to outclass, outshine and swallow up your problem, leaving you with ample space for prosperity and happiness.

Voltaire – No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.

No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking, so focus your mind on it without blinking, a pressing problem causes restlessness, but don’t be distressed, rather let it push you to your best, to a mind set that would ask right questions: and fetch answers that provide the solution.

Don’t Give Up! You Are Nearer!!

The tenacity to persevere io the face of intimidating opposition, often pays off, because, every situation, when put under adequate pressure, breaks at it’s breaking point, and melts at it’s melting point, so refuse to give up easily, the solution may be nearer than you really think.