People Of Different Nations With A Common Destination.

Everybody is going somewhere, Some are coming, some are going, even those coming, are going somewhere. We all have a common destination, we are all going somewhere, it’s either here or there, we are all going somewhere. If you are standing still there, then your destination there, but for the rest of us we haveContinue reading “People Of Different Nations With A Common Destination.”

Forget Pains, Smile Again.

it’s so easy to smile, but these days it’s so difficult to see smiling faces. Is smile no longer with us, has it moved away thousand of miles into space? Has it gone away for good? there are so many gloomy faces, I need some smiling faces, somebody help me, it doesn’t make sense. SmileContinue reading “Forget Pains, Smile Again.”

Don’t Do This, Don’t Do That: 5 Things To Stop Now.

1. Don’t pay attention to what people say when you fail, but be very scared when you believe in your heart that it’s the end. 2. Don’t transfer the responsibility of creating a success out of every opportunity. While at it, know that failure is a possibility, but it is not a finality. 3. Don’tContinue reading “Don’t Do This, Don’t Do That: 5 Things To Stop Now.”

Do It For Love And For The Sake Of Friendship.

Don’t hurt a true friend, at least she is a friend. Don’t hurt a friend at all, don’t celebrate her downfall, she’s supposed to be part of you after all, except she wasn’t a friend in the true sense of the word. Don’t hurt a friend, always do your best to be a dependable friendContinue reading “Do It For Love And For The Sake Of Friendship.”

The Butterfly Was Not Born With Those Beautiful Colours.

A butterfly looks beautiful and peaceful, it wasn’t born this way, it endured stages of transformation; a metamorphosis, so, don’t be in a hurry to get to where you desire, this is true, because in life, there are stages and there are phases. The eggs are laid, the plans are made. Start small, like theContinue reading “The Butterfly Was Not Born With Those Beautiful Colours.”

The Magic Of Persistence.

Go for it, just persist, don’t give up the chase, just persist, failure will come but the urge to cave in, resist. Success is not for the meek, it’s for those who persist in the pursuit of the course they believe. Those who refuse to persist, good things they will never receive. Persist my friendContinue reading “The Magic Of Persistence.”

Wisdom, Time And Success.

My life changed from the very first moment we met, it changed for good and it’s getting better. Everyday spent with you is celebration, every other thing stands still and wait, on us as you lead me by the hand to the fountain of sparkling water, for me to drink a part of you andContinue reading “Wisdom, Time And Success.”

Don’t Call It Quit Until You Have Talked Things Over.

Don’t keep quiet, say it, give voice to that disturbance inside, before we spoil it, let’s save it, it’s when I know am wrong that we can put things right. Don’t bottle it up and walk away, please let’s talk, sit down and listen to the secrets I never revealed, I thought truth would hurtContinue reading “Don’t Call It Quit Until You Have Talked Things Over.”