Words Or Actions.

Actions make things happen and not words, too many words bring confusion and fear to the fore, and once these two take the front seat, actions take flight, living you with empty dreams, it’s alright to talk about it, but it’s better to go about it; words explain how it’s done, action gets the jobContinue reading “Words Or Actions.”

Worse Or Better, We Are Together.- Marriage.

It’s impossible for one to put asunder, except it’s made possible by two joint together in love, by trust and by foolishness, and kept going through the superiority of togetherness, so know that petty jealousy weakens you where understanding should strengthen you, know that where you fail is a lesson for others and it’s whereContinue reading “Worse Or Better, We Are Together.- Marriage.”

Sometimes Dark Clouds Don’t Bring Rain.

Sometimes, dark clouds don’t bring the rain, sometimes, situations could turn a worst enemy to a best friend, always clear your heart of needless worries, why be the one to weigh yourself down? life is an interesting journey, don’t be disappointed that your hope were dashed today, tomorrow could bring many blessings to your doorstep,Continue reading “Sometimes Dark Clouds Don’t Bring Rain.”

Stick to Schedule, Learn From The Ant.

Smaller body, bigger load, that’s the ant’s world, a stickler for time and rules, no rest till the work is done, your goal, your schedule, can’t be parallel, a puzzle is solved by tying the loose ends your journey to success begins when you deal with your failings, you can have enough, year in yearContinue reading “Stick to Schedule, Learn From The Ant.”

Burn It In The Rain.

Burn your past failures in the rain, let your anger be the fire and your determination the fuel, let your determination, burn through your frustration, or the rain would suffocate it to extinction, burn every setback to ashes, set new targets, take on new challenges, no bad weather should stop you from moving forward, there’sContinue reading “Burn It In The Rain.”

In Matters Of The Heart- Relationships.

With your hand in hers and hers in yours, it seems nothing can ever go wrong, but sometimes she could make you mad and rave at the stupid things she does or says, or his silly ways sometimes, make you want to walk away; but hand-in-hand, through the rise and fall, you will always conquerContinue reading “In Matters Of The Heart- Relationships.”

Like The Peacock, Display Your Colours And The World Will Take Notice.

The peacock displays it colours and you sit up and take notice, what do you have? Show the world: the gold in your closet, nobody sees it, what you have is your bargaining power, the stronger it is, the higher the value of what you get, like the peacock display the colours you have, youContinue reading “Like The Peacock, Display Your Colours And The World Will Take Notice.”