Who’s Bad? What’s Life?

Who’s bad, we all are, where you are good, I could be bad, expect more from me and get disappointed, we are so unpredictable, damn so complicated, bent on dying for the temporary in the seen thereby missing happiness, always wanting, so bad aod so sad, what’s life? Life is about enjoying every moment youContinue reading “Who’s Bad? What’s Life?”

…set your goals ridiculously high and…fail above everyone else’s success.” -James Cameron.

“If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.” -James Cameron. Therefore, setting your goals ridiculously high, makes failure a blessing in disguise, because you end up having what many others desire, and you are placed in life, where many others can only talk about. ***Continue reading “…set your goals ridiculously high and…fail above everyone else’s success.” -James Cameron.”

The Power Of Love.

Without sunshine there’s no flower, without flower, there’s no butterfly, nature is a great teacher, it greatest lesson is, without one, there will not be another, nature tells us clearly, that there’s a power, an awesome power that keeps us together, but hatred is destroying you and I, filling our hearts with discord and tearingContinue reading “The Power Of Love.”

Barry Bonds- Those boos really motivate me…

“Those boos really motivate me to make something happen.” – Barry Bonds. Are you yearning for those cheers, there’s only one way to get there; through hard work, but first, let those boos motivate you, keep pushing forward as the support goes against you, soon, if you don’t give up, the tide will turn, andContinue reading “Barry Bonds- Those boos really motivate me…”

See The Pond As Only The Beginning.

Well, it’s okay if the pond is the beginning, it’s where it’s safer to learn the fundamentals of swimming, but when you have mastered it and your fins are stronger, you must venture out into bigger waters, where you could dive with the sharks, then swim with the whales while leaning to live smart, theContinue reading “See The Pond As Only The Beginning.”

Create Your Luck.

When you are not given a chance, create yours, when you seem to have no luck, create one, when you are not getting any attention, make some noise, attention grabbers, noise makers and the lucky ones rule the world, and it’s so easy to join this exotic list, just find the best way to doContinue reading “Create Your Luck.”

Sprinkle Your Dreams In Fields.

Do you have some seeds of dreams? go out and sprinkle them in some fields, sprinkle them and believe in positivity, water them with love and with an abiding faith in your dreams, maybe not many would sprout, but the few that would stand, will give you joy in the harvest season, for you cannotContinue reading “Sprinkle Your Dreams In Fields.”

Weak Legs that Choose To Cross The Rubicon.

However heavy the disappoint is, put it down, you still have appointments to keep, failure is the weak legs that refuse to crawl, when they can’t walk, but success is the weak legs that drag on across the rubicon, almost every outcome is a product of a choice, choose to do what you want, whatContinue reading “Weak Legs that Choose To Cross The Rubicon.”