The Cruising Ride on the Uneasy Road of Life.

Finally, the long wait is over, the anxiety is over, the expectations are over, the baby is finally here among a crowd of lovers. The journey of life has begun, a journey into the unknown, you are solely on your own, even when home, among those who love you to the bones. It’s a lifeContinue reading “The Cruising Ride on the Uneasy Road of Life.”

Never Mind The Critics, Your Value They Will Never See.

Critics know your worth, they don’t know your value. Do you know their work? It is to get your self-esteem subdued. Listen to them but don’t pay much attention, what makes sense to them is a blanket condemnation. Never mind the critics, their job is to criticize but the solution they will never provide. StickContinue reading “Never Mind The Critics, Your Value They Will Never See.”

Don’t Lose Money Or You Won’t Find It Funny.

In my life time I have witnessed many nauseatic events, things that made me want to spew out my intestines. Many made so much money and still died witout a cent, why did they go out without a shing? You know what? Money has wings, it flies away when it’s not caged and fed, toContinue reading “Don’t Lose Money Or You Won’t Find It Funny.”

99 Tragedies of a Gossip.

You don’t offer them a seat? don’t worry, they will stand and give you the gist, and they won’t leave without taking something away, they’ll need your story for continuation sake. Be careful what you tell them or you make yourself a pun in their game. Out there, there is a big gossip market, beware!Continue reading “99 Tragedies of a Gossip.”

Don’t Give Up On You.

Love who you are because you can never be another. Love the way you walk because it makes you taller. Love the way you smile because it makes your face brighter. Love the way you talk, it gets you noticed because it’s louder. Love your looks because it makes you feel better. Love who youContinue reading “Don’t Give Up On You.”

A Job Loss Is Not A Death Sentence, It’s A Challenge To Live Again.

You just lost a job, that’s traumatic, it was no fault of yours, now your life is in pieces. With that job it was tough, it’s going to be hell without it. Stop! Now you have a bigger job, of surviving the fire and it’s heat. Survival is for the tough, so brace up forContinue reading “A Job Loss Is Not A Death Sentence, It’s A Challenge To Live Again.”

The Broken Heart That Fights Back Is A Brave Heart.

Wipe those tears, you heard him clearly, it’s over, there is a proof, you know his new lover. His heart is under arrest, is in the custody of another mistress, you know how it is, he is under duress, stop living in distress, he may not come back, not so soon, he has surrendered toContinue reading “The Broken Heart That Fights Back Is A Brave Heart.”

Death Is Not The End.

The lost of a loved one creates a big vacuum, a vacuum filled by an emptiness and loneliness. You asked the silliest of questions, why did they succumb? Succumb to what? To death and it’s sadness and coldness? Now, you see the craziness of living in your cocoon, that apart from paradise there is alsoContinue reading “Death Is Not The End.”

Believe In Yourself And Nothing Else.

Believe in yourself, you have great abilities, Educate yourself, so ss to expand your capabilities. Believe in yourself, don’t ever limit success’ possibilities. Believe in yourself, say no to mediocrity and yes to creativity. Believe in yourself, rise above defeat and conquer the world. Beiieve in yourself, live for love and care for all, BelieveContinue reading “Believe In Yourself And Nothing Else.”

You Are At The Mercy Of Life.

Have you noticed how little we appreciate life? We are living in a fool’s paradise, we are living a lie. Most of us don’t care at all, we take it for granted, we live as we wish, we live as if we can turn it on or turn it off like a light switch butContinue reading “You Are At The Mercy Of Life.”