“When things go wrong,…” – Elvis Presley.

When things go wrong
cut the strings from the apron

Motivation In Your Pocket.

Motivation in your pocket, inspiration when you need one, nobody can put out your light, as long as that fire is burning on your inside, nobody can put you down, as long as you are always up and about, nobody can make you weep as long as you are living for beautiful dreams, nobody canContinue reading “Motivation In Your Pocket.”

Stop Growing Start Dying.

Growth is living or may be, it’s for the living, anybody who refuses to plan for growth and go for growth, is singing a swansong and is planning to go, is tired of living for tomorrow. Each new day is an opportunity to be better than you were, so seize it, exploit it, do yourContinue reading “Stop Growing Start Dying.”

Win All, Lose None? It’s Not Possible In This World.

Why would you want to win all the time, and never want to lose sometimes? Haven’t you realized that night and day bring darkness and light? So, when you lose sometimes, take it in your stride, it’s part of life, don’t blame it on anybody, don’t spread your misery, don’t be too hard on yourself,Continue reading “Win All, Lose None? It’s Not Possible In This World.”

Take Decisions Only With A Clear Vision.

Too many advice will confuse you, in that state, take no decision, first, clear your head of all those discordant voices, you need a clear vision. Take your time, don’t put yourself under any kind of pressure, when the chips are down, you will carry your cross, because, for all actions and inactions, there areContinue reading “Take Decisions Only With A Clear Vision.”

No Matter The Expectations, Apply Wisdom To The Situation.

Avoid it, don’t get crushed, under the weight of expectations of loved ones, you know your limit, they don’t know it, though, they will appreciate it, if it’s too expensive, don’t push it. Talk things over, if they can’t get this, they can get another, if they truly love you, they won’t push any further,Continue reading “No Matter The Expectations, Apply Wisdom To The Situation.”

Do You Start Your Day On A Winning Note Or On A Losing Note?

Every winner wakes up with a smile, they know it’s a wonderful chance to give it one more try, they know what day it is, and they know what they must do to succeed, while losers wake up with one big headache, confused, they wish to spend the whole day in their bed, for them,Continue reading “Do You Start Your Day On A Winning Note Or On A Losing Note?”