Victor Kermit Kiam II – “Procrastination Is Opportunity’s Assassin.”

Every day is an opportunityto leap from where you are to where you want to be, Whenever you procrastinate till tomorrow,to go into the field and sow, you assasinate yet another chanceto live better, healthier and happier; The more opportunities you assasinateby surrendering to the urge to procrastinate, the heavier your basket of regrets;an unavoidableContinue reading “Victor Kermit Kiam II – “Procrastination Is Opportunity’s Assassin.””

Benjamin Franklin – You may delay, but time will not (Procrastination).

Time waits for no one. You want to be perfect before you begin, you may end up waiting for Godot. You have an idea? Brainstorm and start working to make it a reality. Don’t postpone to a ” better time”, now is always the best time to begin. PS: Here is Jacck Canfield’s 10 tipsContinue reading “Benjamin Franklin – You may delay, but time will not (Procrastination).”

When Is It Right?

When you know when it’s right, everything suddenly falls within your power to either take it or to reject it. Bluehost, your sites safest hand When do you know it’s right to ask, to refrain from asking, to act and to do nothing? There’s only one way to know. It’s to keep following the pathContinue reading “When Is It Right?”

Don’t Settle For Less When You Can Have More.

“A lion that barks and doesn’t roar, shouldn’t complain when it gets less instead of more, and it’s made to feed on crumbs instead of having the lion’s share.” – Ayietim. You will never settle for less when you know your true worth. You will never do it, not even to enjoy a second ofContinue reading “Don’t Settle For Less When You Can Have More.”

Friends, Wolves And Sheep.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Very true. It’s a world of pretenders and real contenders, with a lot of people pretending to be what they are not just to get what they don’t deserve. In the process, they hurt a lot of innocent loving people, who give willingly without asking forContinue reading “Friends, Wolves And Sheep.”

Go Home ( 5 Steps To A Big ‘Comeback’).

It’s a hopeless situation, a very desperate situation when every door you knock, is slammed in your face. Don’t feel depressed, go home. It’s either you have been knocking on the wrong doors or you have been knocking on the right doors, the wrong way. Go home and 1. Learn. Master what works for youContinue reading “Go Home ( 5 Steps To A Big ‘Comeback’).”

Take Your Best Shot Today.

Every new day is an opportunity to live better, talk better and love better. Have you realized how many dreams fear has stopped you from living, how many hearts you have broken by talking without thinking and how much love selfishness has stopped you from giving? Today is here with its newness, freshness and aContinue reading “Take Your Best Shot Today.”

You Can, You Should,.., You Will. – Stephen King,

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” – Stephen King, The hardest part of getting a hard job done is where to start. The beginning is always the best place to start. The beginning is the easiest place. It’s where you are least likely to fail. So start atContinue reading “You Can, You Should,.., You Will. – Stephen King,”