The Will Power To Cut Off.

Cutting off from memories of an ugly past is opening your eyes to beautiful opportunities in the presence. It is not going to be easy to cut off from  powerful memories of an ugly past that have found a comfortable home in your mind. But with will power and conscious determination, it could be done.Continue reading “The Will Power To Cut Off.”

How Do You Know Your Partner Is Not A Gold Digger? – Relationship.

How do you know your partner is not a gold digger? It’s hard to believe that that your partner who never fails to call when it matters, to remind you that you are the only reason they are breathing, is actually telling you that you don’t matter, rather what matters is what they are gettingContinue reading “How Do You Know Your Partner Is Not A Gold Digger? – Relationship.”

Your Mind: How Powerful Is It?

Do you know how powerful your mind is? Just take the time to explore and discover it and you will be happy with what you see, you will unearth great wealth and riches, hidden by an inactive mind, a wealth not known to a mind that relies on others, to think, act and speak, soContinue reading “Your Mind: How Powerful Is It?”

Why Is The Development Of The Body, The Mind and The Spirit Important?

Personal development is a necessity for personal success. Work on your spiritual development that gives you the self-discipline to shun fear, doubt and procrastination. Self-discipline trains your mind to focus in the midst of distractions. Work on the development and expansion of your mind. Your goals, plans and strategies are a function of your mind.Continue reading “Why Is The Development Of The Body, The Mind and The Spirit Important?”

Swami Sivananda – …This is the secret of success.

Swami Sivananda – “Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.”… Pay attention to details, take nothing for granted, you have a passion? Then lose yourself in it, live it,..and of course, you don’t have a choice, because if you must succeed, your passion must beContinue reading “Swami Sivananda – …This is the secret of success.”

You Have A Dynamite, Your Mind Is A Power House.

When a giant of a problem stands right in front of you, blocks your view, you don’t need your physical eyes to think, you need presence of mind, use it, and enlarge your thinking, to outclass, outshine and swallow up your problem, leaving you with ample space for prosperity and happiness.