William Shakespeare’s Universal Definition Of Love.

How constant is love? as constant as life and the source; as universal as the breath of life, and as beautiful as the moon and the stars. Below is The Great William Shakespeare’s universal  definition of love; “Let me not to the marriage of true minds Admit impediments. Love is not love Which alters whenContinue reading “William Shakespeare’s Universal Definition Of Love.”

What Are The 3 Most Important Things In Marriage?

You may think that love is number one in marriage but it is not. After some years into marriage, love begins to play a declining importance and the commitment to make it work no matter what becomes more and more important. So number one is; Commitment to see the marriage to the end. And whenContinue reading “What Are The 3 Most Important Things In Marriage?”

How To Know That It’s Really Over = Relationships.

When is, “Till Death Do Us Part” over before death? How do you know before it’s too late, that a relationship is beyond you to make it work again? Zoe Briggs gives 10 signs to watch out for at http://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/love-sex/relationships/g820/how-to-know-your-relationship-is-over/ …but what makes love grow cold, what turns friends into enemies and what makes believersContinue reading “How To Know That It’s Really Over = Relationships.”

Loving Is Life.

Why do the bright stars of love dim without warning? why do love grow old without aging? Or do lovers live so far apart, to notice that the bridge of togetherness is falling down? Maybe we are too absorbed in ourselves, to notice that there is always someone else, who is trying to flee theContinue reading “Loving Is Life.”

You Too Can Step Up.

The easiest way not to get noticed is to hide in your room and do nothing except complain about how everyone you know, has forgotten about you. You complain to those who dare come closer to you about how ungrateful, everyone you helped in the past is. The only words of consolation you need fromContinue reading “You Too Can Step Up.”

How To Stay Needed In Marriage.

Real marriage doesn’t begin on the wedding day, it begins when you can rise to the occasion when you are needed desperately. You are always valued and needed by your partner when you always give your time and love, and show understanding and patience when it’s not convenient for you. Yet you do so selflesslyContinue reading “How To Stay Needed In Marriage.”

Are You Feeling Unhappy In Your Marriage?

Are you feeling unhappy in your marriage? And you are fast losing hope in it? Here are some basic truths you must know about marriage; 1. It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.- Friedrich Nietzsche. 2. You know it’s never fifty-fifty in a marriage. It’s alwaysContinue reading “Are You Feeling Unhappy In Your Marriage?”

Do You Still Like What You Loved About Your Partner? – Relationships.

Do you still like what you loved about your partner? Or has the passage of time made you realize that falling in love and getting so deeply involved, was a big mistake? As time changes, events change. With every new event comes a new experience. And the product of every new experience is an additionContinue reading “Do You Still Like What You Loved About Your Partner? – Relationships.”

Vera Nazarian’s 3 Unconditional Properties Of Love.

Having a successful relationship is not a function of being like your partner in every way. Success in a relationship is achieved through hard work and the determination to keep on loving inspite of all odds. You must make up your mind to forgive every wrong and patiently, seek explanation rather than accuse hastily. MakeContinue reading “Vera Nazarian’s 3 Unconditional Properties Of Love.”

Sometimes, In A Relationship, A Good Fight Is Necessary.

Don’t run away from a good fight. Yea, don’t shy away from disagreeing and demanding that you are heard before you are shouted down. It pays everybody, when you get the burden off your heart and save your heart from the poison of malice. Also, the other party benefits from that honest outburst, because genuineContinue reading “Sometimes, In A Relationship, A Good Fight Is Necessary.”