This Is The Major Reason You Are Having Problems In Your Relationship.

A relationship is about two people and what they want together or what they don’t want together. You will start having problems in your relationship when you believe what ‘you’ want is what ‘we’ want. What if it isn’t? Have you had a long patient discussion with your partner on why ‘yours’ should be ‘ours’?Continue reading “This Is The Major Reason You Are Having Problems In Your Relationship.”

What’s Your Opinion On?

It’s okay that you have your opinion on this and that. But it’s not okay to have an opinion on everything talked about in everyday conversations. Why? You are not an expert of everything. Therefore, having an opinion which is not based on facts and figures is a minus from your personality. You constitute yourselfContinue reading “What’s Your Opinion On?”

Children don’t need much advice but…- Emma Thompson

“Children don’t need much advice but they really do need to be listened to and not just with half an ear.”- Emma Thompson. Children have their expectations, desires and choices, so listen to them with two ears. Sometimes, they may not want to do what you really want them to do, ask why and listenContinue reading “Children don’t need much advice but…- Emma Thompson”

If You Succeed At This, You Will Succeed At Anything!

Success is a beautiful feeling that comes after an activity produces an expected result. It is a beautiful feeling everybody desires but nnly very few enjoy it. Success comes at a price that anybody including you, can pay. The currency is available to everybody. All you need to do to get it, is to succeedContinue reading “If You Succeed At This, You Will Succeed At Anything!”