Top 31 Ray Dalio Quotes On Investment And Life.

Raymond Thomas Dalio was born on August 8, 1949. He is an American billionaire investor and hedge fund manager, who has served as co-chief investment officer of the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, since 1985 Ray Dalio is regarded as one of the greatest innovators in the finance world, having popularized many commonly usedContinue reading “Top 31 Ray Dalio Quotes On Investment And Life.”

33 Pythagoras Quotes (Pythagoras theorem).

Pythagoras theorem states that In a right-angled triangle, the square of the hypotenuse side is equal to the sum of squares of the other two sides. The sides of this triangle are named as Perpendicular, Base and Hypotenuse. Pythagoras, (born c. 570 BCE, Samos, Ionia [Greece]—died c. 500–490 BCE, Metapontum, Lucanium [Italy]), Greek philosopher, mathematician,Continue reading “33 Pythagoras Quotes (Pythagoras theorem).”

18 Heinrich Heine Poetry And Life Quotes.

If in some moments of your years,you bled blood and shed tearsthen you should’ve come to the point,where the more people you meet,the more you love dogs;In most cases, the faithfulness of a best friendis to a friend’s enemy who buys them the biggest bread;Well…this is the reality of life,it’s still a dark world outContinue reading “18 Heinrich Heine Poetry And Life Quotes.”