Why Is Joy Important In Life?

Build joy into your journey, the storm passes swiftly Over a heart that joy lives in; is trouble the sickness, joy is the healing, don’t join the multitude who are waiting and working for joy that is everywhere. Real joy is not in a distant goal, joy is the fire that keeps our intelligence aglow,Continue reading “Why Is Joy Important In Life?”

Work Hard, Party Hard.

Wn the midst of all the hard work to achieve personal goals and meet expectations of others, find the time to enjoy life. This is very important. Your life shouldn’t be all about working hard to have your heart desires without finding the time to enjoy them. Yet, you continue to work  hard to gatherContinue reading “Work Hard, Party Hard.”

The Joy And The Sunlight In A Positive Mind.

Consciously surrounding yourself with the stars and the sunlight, is intentionally building a hedge to keep out the viscissitudes of life. Bluehost, your sites safest hand For though you may want joy to last eternally, something would always happen to end it. But when the external source of happiness dims and eventually goes out andContinue reading “The Joy And The Sunlight In A Positive Mind.”

Sprinkle Your Dreams In Fields.

Do you have some seeds of dreams? go out and sprinkle them in some fields, sprinkle them and believe in positivity, water them with love and with an abiding faith in your dreams, maybe not many would sprout, but the few that would stand, will give you joy in the harvest season, for you cannotContinue reading “Sprinkle Your Dreams In Fields.”

This Is Why You Must Not Live In Fear.

Don’t live in fear, it steals your joy, life is a bundle of beautiful gifts in a box of thorns, don’t be afraid to take your box and open it, ignore the occasional pain, life is medley, what has stopped you so far from finding out? The fear of getting to know what may notContinue reading “This Is Why You Must Not Live In Fear.”

“…It is gratitude that makes us joyful.” -David Rast.

“It is not joy that makes us grateful. It is gratitude that makes us joyful.” -David Rast. Yes, it’s a heart, full of gratitude that has joy; make thanksgiving a habit, show appreciation and open the door to the inner-most part of the heart, where joy, peace, love and happiness are found, gratitude brings joyContinue reading ““…It is gratitude that makes us joyful.” -David Rast.”

Joy Is Powerful To Burn Out Any Pain- Joseph Campbell

Step out every day, surrounded by an aura of joy, hope for all to go well but if anything should go wrong, don’t feel too disappointed because the joy you are feeling shall burn out the pain. *** Find a place inside where there is joy and the joy will burn out the pain- JosephContinue reading “Joy Is Powerful To Burn Out Any Pain- Joseph Campbell”