Why Is Joy Important In Life?

Build joy into your journey, the storm passes swiftly Over a heart that joy lives in; is trouble the sickness, joy is the healing, don’t join the multitude who are waiting and working for joy that is everywhere. Real joy is not in a distant goal, joy is the fire that keeps our intelligence aglow,Continue reading “Why Is Joy Important In Life?”

Nobody Is ‘A Nobody’

Look around you and you will see, something very new, has always been there but was always out of your view, you were too busy searching everywhere but there, you never saw it, because you said, to yourself, ‘It couldn’t be there, there, is too small’, ‘too out of the way, not the path, it’sContinue reading “Nobody Is ‘A Nobody’”

On The Journey Of Life, It’s The Destination That Matters.

Life is a journey where you meet all sort of of travellers, most don’t know where there are going but few know their destination from the start, those who don’t know are those who usually miss their flight, get off the bus at the wrong stop and get stuck in the wrong town, on theContinue reading “On The Journey Of Life, It’s The Destination That Matters.”