‘I Was Left To Die.’

Stories of inhumanity every where. Some common place, some ridiculous and some very pathetic, like the one about young unmarried girls being left to die for embarking on the journey to ‘give life’ to another human being. READ THIS; “Unmarried girls who got pregnant used to be seen as bringing shame to their families inContinue reading “‘I Was Left To Die.’”

Fear And The Treasure On The Island.

Every second you are alive is to be treasured and should be regarded as an opportunity to try something brand new. Variety is the spice of life. Why are so afraid to venture outside your comfort zone? Do you know the treasure that is on the island on the opposite side of the deep blueContinue reading “Fear And The Treasure On The Island.”

Learn To Trust.

Every human is a social being living in a world that is not an island. Many people haven’t reached their goals because they have carved out an island for themselves, shutting out everybody and building no bridge to the outside world. Do you belong here? Are you finding it difficult to trust others because youContinue reading “Learn To Trust.”

The survival instinct.

In a moment of great distress, you are your best friend. So when all other friends abandon you, sit down, it’s a perfect moment to tell yourself the truth; if you were marooned on an island, all alone, wouldn’t you do the best you can to turn that island into a beautiful home? You wouldContinue reading “The survival instinct.”

The Only Human On The Island.

My name is.., well, I don’t have a name and it doesn’t matter. What is important is what I have to say. On an Island all alone, I have never known any other life except this. Everything I know today is a product of trial and error. With no one to learn from, with noContinue reading “The Only Human On The Island.”

We All Need A Hand, No Human Is An Island.

I am good without you, but I am better with you, you are strong where I am weak, alone, there’s a void but together we are complete. Wherever we find ourselves, nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, there’s an element of usefulness in all of us, to see it, look beyond the surface and youContinue reading “We All Need A Hand, No Human Is An Island.”