What Do People Know About You As A Matter Of Fact?

What do people know about you? What information do people have on you? Information, once established as facts are reliable and become the basis for drawing an inference. The conclusion could be true or not true. This would  depend on the level knowledge of the interpreter of the fact. But the veracity of conclusion doesn’tContinue reading “What Do People Know About You As A Matter Of Fact?”

Google’s Duckling Glass Becomes Welcome In The Workplace.

“Google’s augmented reality goggles were a flop several years ago – when intrepid explorers wore the devices in restaurants and bars, sparking reactions ranging from disapproval to outright violence — but they have become very welcome in the workplace. Their success in a host of business settings led The Team at X on Tuesday toContinue reading “Google’s Duckling Glass Becomes Welcome In The Workplace.”

How Do You Speak?

Words are powerful. Wordsmiths understand the power of words and they exploit it effectively. If you must use words powerfully, it must originate from your mind and not from your mouth. Words that originate from your mouth lack depth and the power of conviction. If you speak without thinking, then you are not being convincing.Continue reading “How Do You Speak?”