Irv Robbins – “Any Giant Corporation…Started With A Guy With An Idea, Doing It Well.”

Ideas rule the world. Do you have one?If you do, then you’re ready to rule the world, but you have to design a great plan plus backup plans and start, The best time to start is now,not when you’re perfect, but now, start now and keep going, in turbulent waters, keep rowing, don’t attempt toContinue reading “Irv Robbins – “Any Giant Corporation…Started With A Guy With An Idea, Doing It Well.””

Ideas Are Like Rabbits. You Get A Couple And Learn How To Handle Them And Pretty Soon You Have A Dozen- John Steinbeck.

The earth orbits on the axis of ideas, a spark of idea can renew hope and wipe away tears, but an idea not tested is a probable solution delayed, and a probable solution delayed may be a life wasted. ——– Bonus: JOHN STEINBECK- No One Wants An Advice, Only Corroboration.

Success Is A Process, It Begins With An Idea.

You will be sad when you realize, brilliant ideas you have allowed to go to waste because you failed to decide, to do what’s right at the right time, or may be you were too shy to activate those ideas, which with the benefit of hindsight, you now realize, if you had put them toContinue reading “Success Is A Process, It Begins With An Idea.”

Only Ideas Planted Can Be Harvested.

Ideas are great, ideas rule the world, but not all ideas, only those that have legs rule the world. Only ideas that can walk the talk, are the ones that actually work. No matter how brilliant an idea is, if it’s not applied, it’s of no benefit, who needs a useless dead lion if aContinue reading “Only Ideas Planted Can Be Harvested.”