Friends, Wolves And Sheep.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Very true. It’s a world of pretenders and real contenders, with a lot of people pretending to be what they are not just to get what they don’t deserve. In the process, they hurt a lot of innocent loving people, who give willingly without asking forContinue reading “Friends, Wolves And Sheep.”

It hurts so much…

.,when the one you trust with your whole heart is the one that lays you bare before your enemy. The hurt is worse when your betrayer is a family member. When this happens, does seeking revenge bring healing. Or does going through the traumatic experience quietly without having any desire to seek revenge, bring permanentContinue reading “It hurts so much…”

Although It Hurts, Continue To Love.

The people you have shown a lot of love. Done a lot for. Been so honest with, sometimes turn out to be the ones who hurt you so much. Hurting you so much could be forgiven but not showing the tiniest of remorse may harden your heart. It may cause you to withdraw into yourContinue reading “Although It Hurts, Continue To Love.”

The Best Way To Overcome Hurt And STILL RISE.

When someone hurts you, choose the sunshine and not the eclipse, See it as being temporary, Choose not to hate rather to understand that, Every human runs to to type, Are  we all not one of the same kind? Thinking about ourselves often and seldom about others, So, when someone hurts you, choose to liveContinue reading “The Best Way To Overcome Hurt And STILL RISE.”

Unhappiness Is Against Natural Progress.

You have an inalienable right to happiness, don’t surrender it, I understand it’s hard to defend it but you see, when you are hurt by the action or inaction of someone, often that person doesn’t share in it and may not be aware of the depth of the hurt caused. The person’s world will continueContinue reading “Unhappiness Is Against Natural Progress.”