I Want You To Know.

Today the grass is my home, by tomorrow, it won’t be no more, today, you can laugh at me, as hard as you can, it’s going to be very short-lived, because soon, I’m leaving the grass, I’m not going to roll over and die, I am working as hard as I can, to go toContinue reading “I Want You To Know.”

The Gold And Your Light.

The room is decorated with gold, yet it’s eerie, it’s not a home, pitch darkness, occasional flash of lightening, revealing snakes and bones, those scary corners are where your eyes see, beautiful opportunities being lost to fear, the fear of going against the status quo inspire no confidence, fear puts you on tenterhooks when youContinue reading “The Gold And Your Light.”

Parent-Child Conflict: 7 Reasons You Must Avoid It.- Parenting.

Parent-child conflict is real and has always been there. It’s a vicious cycle because victims often go on to become unintentional aggressors in future, usually, in the same family lineage. A parent-child conflict is the uncomfortable situation where parents hardly agree with their children on anything. It is a cause of serious emotional trauma forContinue reading “Parent-Child Conflict: 7 Reasons You Must Avoid It.- Parenting.”

Where Does The Road End? Find Out.

You have nothing to fear any more when you finally leave your home and hit the road. After crossing that first bridge, you know there’s no going back, from there onward, it’s where the road leads you. The past, its disappointments and regrets are now behind you. Fear of the unknown is no longer aContinue reading “Where Does The Road End? Find Out.”

How Do I Know It’s Love?

How do I know it’s love? You know it’s love when your side is your lover’s home, when your happiness is your lover’s comfort zone, when your mistakes are quickly forgiven, and your achievements are remembered every season, you know it’s love when your problem is ours, then creativity brings home the stars, true loveContinue reading “How Do I Know It’s Love?”

You Need Wings In The Sky.

Make the sky your home and you shall fly, how? Can a fish survive outside water? You know it can’t, but what about wings? Don’t you need them? Of course you do need wings to fly and the sky is where to get them, you begin to grow wings when you start to go beyondContinue reading “You Need Wings In The Sky.”

Divorce: I Have Been Married To A Stranger.

Have you ever felt like you have been married to a complete stranger all these years? And that you have had enough and want a divorce? Who hasn’t? Many have been married for years and woke one beautiful morning to see a complete stranger lying in their bed in their home. That same stranger hasContinue reading “Divorce: I Have Been Married To A Stranger.”