The greater the obstacle the more glory in overcoming it. – Moliere.

How great is the obstacle on your way? you think it is greater than you? Well, think again, we are all greater than we really know, great obstacles arise to give freedom, to those ready to grow wings, then believe, act, walk, run and jump, over any great obstacle, to victory and glory.

Glory, Honour And Immortality.

Seek glory, honour and immortality, but the road to these three is never easy, for long stretches, you will be alone, most, liars and cheats are on the road, that everybody loves but that’s not where; glory is, where honour is and where immortality is, so, if you really want to live forever, seek to…

What Is The Story? What Is Better Than The Glory?

What is the story? What is better than hard work, patience, stress and the glory? in life, the steps are always complete, and there is always a ladder with the reach, but are you not part of the human race? where most want to win the race without beating the rest?