Is It Impossible To Find True Love?

When love is found, a relationship is built to keep it. Although, it is the desire of most to keep true love, unfortunately only few keep it for a reasonable length of time, let’s say months. Fewer still can’t keep it beyond few days. Why is it so difficult to keep true love?It is because…

You Are As Rich As The Amount Of Yourself You Give.

You are as rich, as the amount of yourself you give, you can only give to the extent of how much you know have within, so to be certain that you have given your all, you must know your real reach, and don’t leave the stage while you have the chance to try again.

Seeking Harmony? You Are Not The Only One.

You are not the only one, who desires to be loved, and to be loved truly and completely, it is your strong desire that, you are understood, appreciated and wanted at all times; you are not the only one, there’s always someone else; someone else who desires you for the same reason, so, you would…

Have This 1 Thing And Have It All.

Have the desire to live, and have it all, shattered? Pick the pieces, and soldier one, you think yours is bad, there’s always someone worse off, those who want it really bad, are those who have it all, so, against all odds, live on, if you must give up, do so only to move up.

How To Stay Needed In Marriage.

Real marriage doesn’t begin on the wedding day, it begins when you can rise to the occasion when you are needed desperately. You are always valued and needed by your partner when you always give your time and love, and show understanding and patience when it’s not convenient for you. Yet you do so selflessly…

Once Is Okay, Always Breaks The Bones.

Do you have a family or a friend, who only sees you as where to ALWAYS run, to be given, fed and comforted, without ever giving back ONCE? And have you ALWAYS regarded it as your responsibility to give and ‘the taker’s’ right to be given only to complain to others about it? If this…

Give, Give And Give

When you begin to see this life as a calling, a calling to add value to humanity, your eyes would be opened to the blessings, of choosing to give, give and give.