“It isn’t luck that causes a person’s future to become what it becomes.” – Azie Taylor Morton.

It’s having the courage to stand for a causewhere others stand for nothing,it’s not giving upwhen everyone is quittingit’s believing that everything that has a beginninghas an endand it’s never doubtingthat the cessation of painsis the beginning of gain;that make the future becomeall you could ever dream of. “It isn’t luck, and it isn’t circumstances,Continue reading ““It isn’t luck that causes a person’s future to become what it becomes.” – Azie Taylor Morton.”

Is Worrying A Bad Thing?

Is Worrying a bad thing? If you have done your best, worrying about the outcome is not the next thing to do. Worrying will not stop what must happen  and it will not make what will nevwr happen to happen. It will only make you waste valuable time, which should have been spent on anotherContinue reading “Is Worrying A Bad Thing?”

Worrying About The Future.

No matter how long you are going to worry about tomorrow, worrying will never make tomorrow better. Bluehost, your sites safest hand Worrying would take over the control of you and hold you to a depressing today and paint a picture of a bleak future. Those who have a great life, live in the momentsContinue reading “Worrying About The Future.”

Self-Discipline Is A Must For Every Child. – Parenting.

Your children are worth more than every possession you have, so do your best to build a straight path to a great future and get them on it. Without getting your children to develop self-discipline as a habit, the task of guiding them to a bright future will be impossible. Because they may not comeContinue reading “Self-Discipline Is A Must For Every Child. – Parenting.”

It’s Time To Leave When You Are No Longer Needed.

The hardest place to say bye-bye to, is the p place you have built with your bare knuckles and bones; is a place your soul calls ‘home’. But when you are no longer needed, you have no other choice than to leave. So when it’s time to leave, just go away and don’t look back.Continue reading “It’s Time To Leave When You Are No Longer Needed.”

History Is Kind To Those Who Know The Road – Roots.

The road, once home to heavy traffic, is now deserted, so old, all alone. Maybe a relic, change, the message, legs had long moved on, noises had long ceased, but once in a while a lonely visitor, comes for its secrets, yea, it’s alright to move on, but what about the memories? Can you buildContinue reading “History Is Kind To Those Who Know The Road – Roots.”

The Artist’s Canvas, A Treasure Of Calmness.

The brush with the canvas, the artist’s delight, useless for an engineer but it creates a stillness to admire, live in yesterday and lose today, be worried about the future and lose the present, the present? what’s good about it? It’s a moment to cherish, though you can’t keep it, but it’s better than theContinue reading “The Artist’s Canvas, A Treasure Of Calmness.”

Where Does The Road End? Find Out.

You have nothing to fear any more when you finally leave your home and hit the road. After crossing that first bridge, you know there’s no going back, from there onward, it’s where the road leads you. The past, its disappointments and regrets are now behind you. Fear of the unknown is no longer aContinue reading “Where Does The Road End? Find Out.”

Fix your eyes forward on what you can do,… -Tom Clancy

“Fix your eyes forward on what you can do, not back on what you cannot change.” – Tom Clancy. Time and season, you cannot set, yesterday is gone, that you cannot change, so look back to nothing except to something that helps forward movement nothing more, nothing less; look forward to the future and makeContinue reading “Fix your eyes forward on what you can do,… -Tom Clancy”