How To Win Friends And Keep Them.

The way you walk, the way you talk and the depth of your content may win you a friend, but for the friendship to endure, your winning attitude must be consistent, for this consistency to be achieved, you must be real, fall in love with your aspirations and stay true to your beliefs, carve outContinue reading “How To Win Friends And Keep Them.”

5 Easy Ways To Win A Friend And Keep A Friend.

Avoid unnecessary arguments, win a friend, be a good listener, win a friend, be understanding of others, win friends, have a reputation for being patient with others, win friends, if secrets are safe with you, you would easily win friends. The best way to win friends, is to be there for others as a trueContinue reading “5 Easy Ways To Win A Friend And Keep A Friend.”

Don’t Take Actions To Satisfy Friends, Satisfy Yourself First.

Don’t be put under pressure by what friends say, to take any action that could destroy what took you years, to plant in tears, to nurture in patience and years of sweat to grow, stick to what you believe in and the dependable guiding principle you know. You are solely responsible for your failure orContinue reading “Don’t Take Actions To Satisfy Friends, Satisfy Yourself First.”

Don’t Settle For Less, Go For The Best.

It’s so tempting to settle for less when you can’t get the expected, friends could encourage you with their advice, telling you that it’s alright, to make do with what is in sight, although it’s not what you ever wanted, they would say, it’s better than nothing, where nothing is the expected. In a situationContinue reading “Don’t Settle For Less, Go For The Best.”

Be Careful Of Friends Who Always Carry Bad News, They Won’t Say Anything Good About You.

Be careful of friends who have the habit of condemning others, they see everyone as competitors, whose actions or inactions are always bad, they blame everyone, everything but themselves when they fail, and, as they tell you stories about others, it is in exchange for your story for another friend, note, yours too won’t beContinue reading “Be Careful Of Friends Who Always Carry Bad News, They Won’t Say Anything Good About You.”

Before You Go To Bed Tonight, Shine The Light On Your Past.

Before you go to bed tonight, look back over the years with a gladsome mind, see how many friends you have lost along the way, most were better than you, you were no where near, but after all these years, you are still here, why? Because better days are ahead, for you and for allContinue reading “Before You Go To Bed Tonight, Shine The Light On Your Past.”

You Are Still The Best!!!

You are still the best regardless of what you are passing through; friends have deserted you, they believe you are down and out and put to rest; it’s not the end, you will soon bounce back, because you are still the best, they will come running back to have a taste of the best; TheyContinue reading “You Are Still The Best!!!”

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