Goodness Is Written On The Surface Of Running Water.

Don’t feel bad when friends and family choose not to remember your good side but rather choose to amplify your bad side which we all have, the reason is. the good you do for people is written on the surface of running water, it doesn’t matter if they count in thousands, when you wrong people,Continue reading “Goodness Is Written On The Surface Of Running Water.”

Don’t Quit Until You Have Seen The Last.

Though, sometimes the pressure of life could still get to you, regardless of your philosophy, inspiration and experience, you must still find ‘The hope of a better future’, an inner strength, to carry you over rough edges and slippery surfaces. Note this: when you fall on hard times, it is not every friend you shouldContinue reading “Don’t Quit Until You Have Seen The Last.”

No Good Times, No Favours.

When you are living the dream of most, pilgrims make your life their home, fall on hard times and become an orphan, watch as friends speak with their feet, but for you, speak with actions, you are down already, fight with all you have to get back on your feet, while trying to find yourContinue reading “No Good Times, No Favours.”

Desmond Tutu: If You Want Peace, You Don’t Talk To Your Friends, You Talk To Your Enemies.

Wouldn’t we all love a world where peace reigns, where we could dream in peace, without fear of guns, violence, blood and sudden death? We all know that war destroys, while peace builds, and we all desire prosperity and a world of peace, so let’s start talking to our enemies.

Why You May Often Be A Victim Of Disappointment.

Don’t lean for too long and too freely on, the shoulder of a friend, interests run the world, the heart is perpetually seeking happiness, it is the satisfaction of an interest that opens the door to happiness. We are in the rains get your umbrella, you don’t need one, your friend’s umbrella is large enoughContinue reading “Why You May Often Be A Victim Of Disappointment.”

The Magical Power Of Self-Confidence Is The Ability It Gives To Paralyzed Limbs.

It is natural to lose self-confidence when you fail again and again, and it’s natural to believe that everybody and everything is against you, well, this could be true, because the reality is, nobody wants to be associated with failure, at this point, you need to get back up, and begin to win back friends,Continue reading “The Magical Power Of Self-Confidence Is The Ability It Gives To Paralyzed Limbs.”

Your Flaws I See, Will Remain My Silent Speech.

I won’t tell you all I have seen, some words are best said as a silent speech, if I let you hear them, we may never be friends again, and that will be a big shame because to me, you are a rare gem. You know, nothing precious in this world is without it’s flaws,Continue reading “Your Flaws I See, Will Remain My Silent Speech.”