How To Cope With The Challenges Of Single Parenthood- Family.

Coping with the challenges of singlehood is tough. It is tougher on the children who struggle to find answers to questions beyond them, questions which only adults have answers to. Losing your spouse to divorce or death could be very painful and may leave a scar on a heart that may struggle to pump loveContinue reading “How To Cope With The Challenges Of Single Parenthood- Family.”

Divorce: I Have Been Married To A Stranger.

Have you ever felt like you have been married to a complete stranger all these years? And that you have had enough and want a divorce? Who hasn’t? Many have been married for years and woke one beautiful morning to see a complete stranger lying in their bed in their home. That same stranger hasContinue reading “Divorce: I Have Been Married To A Stranger.”

Divorcing Is Difficult, Loving Is Tough.

What is it that is making it impossible for you to hold it down, enjoy your union and the warmth of the one who sustains your strength and ensures that you bleed love instead of venom, live in togetherness, instead of packing your bags and being on the run, but marriage is not for kids,Continue reading “Divorcing Is Difficult, Loving Is Tough.”

Don’t File Those Papers Yet.

Are you tired of reconciling and settling differences? Love has died, nothing is left excpet hollow memories, so, you wish to be separated, do you want to go back to living alone? you are no longer interested in the warmth and the comfort of togetherness, remember that out there all alone, it’s very cold, butContinue reading “Don’t File Those Papers Yet.”

The Centrifugal Force That Supports Divorce.

Many divorce for many reasons which could be coalesced into one reason. When two people come together, from different families, it is to pursue a common interest, which is not often clearly defined, a reason most don’t survive the rough weather and the bad time, So, they begin on a wrong footing and in denialContinue reading “The Centrifugal Force That Supports Divorce.”

Why Is Divorce So Attractive These Days?

Do you desire to enjoy your marriage, for so long? Okay, you wish to enjoy that love for eternity, till death separate both of you, then quit demanding to be recognized as The Boss. Marriage is for grown ups, who have accepted to be equals for the sake of love, and for the sake ofContinue reading “Why Is Divorce So Attractive These Days?”