Top 13 Dennis Ritchie Quotes (C Programming Language).

Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie was born on September 9, 1941. Dennis Ritchie was an American computer scientist.He created the C programming language. He also with long-time colleague Ken Thompson, created the Unix operating system and B programming language.Ritchie and Thompson were awarded the Turing Award from the ACM in 1983, the Hamming Medal from the IEEEContinue reading “Top 13 Dennis Ritchie Quotes (C Programming Language).”

Top 25 Bjarne Stroustrup Quotes (Inventor of C++ programming language).

Bjarne Stroustrup was born on 30 December 1950. He is a Danish computer scientist, most notable for the invention and development of the C++ programming language. He is a visiting professor at Columbia University, and works at Morgan Stanley as a managing director in New York.Source – Wikipedia. Top 25 Bjarne Stroustrup Quotes: The firstContinue reading “Top 25 Bjarne Stroustrup Quotes (Inventor of C++ programming language).”