11 Great Ways To Make Your Long Distant Relationship Work.

A relationship is a union of two people who have come together to seek mutual benefits. Togetherness is the underlying word here. There can’t be a quality time in the absence of togetherness. And quality time is the paramount reason for having a relationship. Because quality time is the golden opportunity to know one anotherContinue reading “11 Great Ways To Make Your Long Distant Relationship Work.”

Q: What If Your Ex Wants To Come Back?- Relationship.

What if your ex wants to come back? Find out; 1. Independently what your ex has been up to, who he has been with and why he is quitting to come back to you, 2. Your level of commitment to a new relationship, that is, if you are in a new one, 3. If youContinue reading “Q: What If Your Ex Wants To Come Back?- Relationship.”

Parent-Child Conflict: 7 Reasons You Must Avoid It.- Parenting.

Parent-child conflict is real and has always been there. It’s a vicious cycle because victims often go on to become unintentional aggressors in future, usually, in the same family lineage. A parent-child conflict is the uncomfortable situation where parents hardly agree with their children on anything. It is a cause of serious emotional trauma forContinue reading “Parent-Child Conflict: 7 Reasons You Must Avoid It.- Parenting.”

“Shark Tank” Investor Barbara Corcoran Shares Useful Tips For Making A Great First Impression.

First impression is everything if you must succeed in a world, that is today moving at breakneck speed. “Shark Tank” investor Barbara Corcoran has met a lot of people in business. Here Corcoran reveals how to make a good first impression.” 1. You’ve got to have good posture. “It’s the same on “Shark Tank” asContinue reading ““Shark Tank” Investor Barbara Corcoran Shares Useful Tips For Making A Great First Impression.”

Do It Right? Or Do The Right Thing?

Have you ever done what you believed was the right thing for someone and got misunderstood and zero appreciation for all your efforts? It happens all the time that someone would deliver what they consider a ‘selfless service’ only to be resented by the potential beneficiary. Such a negative feedback may be very discouraging forContinue reading “Do It Right? Or Do The Right Thing?”

Should You Play The Fool In Marriage?

The piercing needle that pricks and draws blood in marriage often finds fertile ground in breakdown of communication. When the couple stop talking to one another, they start building a huge wall of separation between them. If one of them doesn’t become the fool that seeks peace and the wall is completed, then the coupleContinue reading “Should You Play The Fool In Marriage?”

Harold S. Geneen – The 5 essential entrepreneurial skills for success.

Li Keqiang- “Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.” An entrepreneur is a risk taker. An entrepreneur begins the journey into the ‘unknown’ armed with a ‘known’ which may grossly insufficient, to search for acceptance. It’s the acceptance that determines the survival. Harold S. Geneen believes that the survival of an entrepreneur dependsContinue reading “Harold S. Geneen – The 5 essential entrepreneurial skills for success.”

How To Become A Great Communicator.

How can you speak and be heard and, what is heard and understood is exactly what was said? How do you listen with your ears and, ‘see’ the spoken words with your eyes? You need gut to be a good speaker and a good listener, you must still distractions and focus on the task atContinue reading “How To Become A Great Communicator.”