“There’s Much To Be Said For Challenging Fate…” – Diana Trilling.

“There’s much to be said for challenging fate instead of ducking behind it.” – Diana Trilling. “Challenge and adversity, Roy T. Bennett said, “are meant to help you know who you are. Storms hit your weakness, but unlock your true strength. Challenges are what fate throws everyone’s way.Those who want to unlock their true strengthContinue reading ““There’s Much To Be Said For Challenging Fate…” – Diana Trilling.”

A Tough Nut And Intelligence In The Head.

When God gives you a nut, he doesn’t crack it for you but gives you the brain to figure out how to crack it yourself. Nobody’s nut is tougher than their natural intelligence. The problem is, those who are too lazy to push the limits never surmount their challenges. Challenges don’t show up to punishContinue reading “A Tough Nut And Intelligence In The Head.”

How To Cope With The Challenges Of Single Parenthood- Family.

Coping with the challenges of singlehood is tough. It is tougher on the children who struggle to find answers to questions beyond them, questions which only adults have answers to. Losing your spouse to divorce or death could be very painful and may leave a scar on a heart that may struggle to pump loveContinue reading “How To Cope With The Challenges Of Single Parenthood- Family.”

Train Yourself To Be A Winner.

You owe yourself the training; that strengthens you to withstand all challenges, that makes you see the superiority of tenacity over adversity, that makes you see the top as desirable and the barriers as surmountable, and, the training that makes you refuse to settle for less, because you know that you can be the veryContinue reading “Train Yourself To Be A Winner.”

The Voice You Can Trust.

Believe more in that gentle inner voice, listen to it more intently, analyze it critically, it is independent, it is not influenced, by the disturbances and distractions of everyday living that you can’t controlled, it is free of challenges and competitions that are conspiring to suffocate you. Your inner voice is the only dependable allyContinue reading “The Voice You Can Trust.”