“Don’t be afraid to employ people who will force you out of your comfort zone.” – George Foreman.

employ those courageous enough to push you
and make you see that within you
is a deposit of greatness, hundred times better than
what you’ve given out.

Save Then Invest And Grow (15 Smart Ways To Save Money Every Month).

Save more, invest more, grow more, but a compulsive consumer would rather borrow to service an expensive habit than stop being a spendthrift, have excess in savings to invest in viable businesses that promise profitable returns and guarantee financial freedom. *** Read 15 clever ways to save money every money without even noticing, at: http://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/money-tips/15-clever-ways-to-save-money-every-month-without-even-noticing/ss-BBmVSVT

7 B. C. Forbes Timeless Quotes And The Scary Costume Of An Opportunity.

Business survival depends on taking every opportunity, squeezing every drop of juice out of it, keeping the waste, not throwing it away, because you could need it to help you spot a similar opportunity, which could come your way again dressed in a costume that is scary. *** 7 B. C. Forbes Timeless Quotes: 1.Continue reading “7 B. C. Forbes Timeless Quotes And The Scary Costume Of An Opportunity.”

There Is Gold In That Rubbish.

Most fail in life because the see difficulty everywhere, pessimism closes their eyes to the opportunity in every difficulty, and they are not aware, that garbage was once a thing of great value, they also fail to realize that with persistence and determination to search high and low for success, rubbish could be turned intoContinue reading “There Is Gold In That Rubbish.”

Innovation Doesn’t Just Occur In The Lab-Michael Dell.

People are never permanently satisfied with what they are getting, they are continuously searching for a better alternative, this is why brand loyalty is shifting, constantly changing, to retain it, you must be innovative, you must forecast consumers’ unpredictability, at least, fairly accurately, so take innovation out of the lab, feel the pulse of theContinue reading “Innovation Doesn’t Just Occur In The Lab-Michael Dell.”

A Bird In Hand Is Worth Millions In The Bush. (Little Tips That Mean So Much To Employees)

To build a successful business, you must first put the best team in place, to continue getting the best from them, you must continue to train and motivate them, your employees may not be asking for the whole cake, they may just need you to see life out of their eyes, once in a while,Continue reading “A Bird In Hand Is Worth Millions In The Bush. (Little Tips That Mean So Much To Employees)”