“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” – Plato.

Today is a new beginning,it offers you the opportunity,to begin what you’ve procrastinated for many years now,by waiting for the perfect time. Today is a new begining,it’s your chance to forget how hard the present isby making the commitment to focus on things and peoplethat promote your well being and make you believe that anythingContinue reading ““The beginning is the most important part of the work.” – Plato.”

Helen Rowland – “You Will Never Win If You Never Begin.”

The best time to begin, if you really want to win is now. Begin right now where you’re and with what you have. you’re going to make mistakes, it’s allowed, those who ever learn anything make mistakes, those who succeed in life are never afraid to fail, they know that every passing day races theContinue reading “Helen Rowland – “You Will Never Win If You Never Begin.””

You Can, You Should,.., You Will. – Stephen King,

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” – Stephen King, The hardest part of getting a hard job done is where to start. The beginning is always the best place to start. The beginning is the easiest place. It’s where you are least likely to fail. So start atContinue reading “You Can, You Should,.., You Will. – Stephen King,”

10s First, Before 100s.

Some want to count in 100s, before learning to count in 10s, so they continue to wait for that some day, when the miraculous blessing will rain on them, they continue to wait and hope, to live the lie and hate the truth, it’s the top they love, for them, the foundation isn’t the floor,Continue reading “10s First, Before 100s.”

Be Keen As Mustard.

Be keen as mustard, without excitement, life is a graveyard, be keen about the things you do, don’t you know, some are wishing they were you, though your beginning may be as small as a mustard seed, you could grow into a giant, just keep on believing and keep on being keen about life, it’sContinue reading “Be Keen As Mustard.”

A Great Mind, A Big Dream And A Small Beginning- Personal Development.

Great minds don’t settle for small dreams but they don’t despise small beginnings. Great minds understand the fact that there is a clearly defined path to success. This path must be learnt, understood and mastered by whoever desires success. So, when you have a big dream, don’t start big. Starting big may mean committing everythingContinue reading “A Great Mind, A Big Dream And A Small Beginning- Personal Development.”