Thankfulness Is An Asset.

The things you have are your assets. Take stock of them regularly and be thankful you have them. Habitual thankfulness stirs the heart into a state of happiness. This happiness doesn’t come alone, it comes with the belief and the confidence to aim higher. Habitual thankfulness is one of the powerful keys which inspires actionsContinue reading “Thankfulness Is An Asset.”

Why You Must Guard What You Have Jealously.

Not many people like the good things others have. So when you have something precious, guard it jealously because many are trying unsuccessfully, to get the same thing for themselves. And your close friend may be among those looking for what you have. Guard what you have jealously, stop fault-finding and stop complaining to everybodyContinue reading “Why You Must Guard What You Have Jealously.”

Meditate: Focus On The Pot.

Meditate: train your heart to focus on just one thing at a time. Focus on the thing you desire the most. Focus on the pot that contains your other needs. When your heart is focused on the pot, you conserve precious energy and concentrate all your skills on distilling out, the best ways and theContinue reading “Meditate: Focus On The Pot.”