Words On Leadership.

1. Leadership is all about what is good for the people. 2. A leader who goes to the extent of making his followers’ business his, will be rewarded with absolute loyalty and love. 3. Anybody who aspires for the position of a leader must be ready to perspire more than any other person in theContinue reading “Words On Leadership.”

Great Things Great Leaders Do.

The greatness of a leader is determined by the gratefulness of his equally great followers A leader whether born or made must always strive for greatness. Greatness in this case, is as described and understood by his followers and not the one he selfishly arrogates to himself. Followers, while trying to determine the greatness orContinue reading “Great Things Great Leaders Do.”

If You Succeed At This, You Will Succeed At Anything!

Success is a beautiful feeling that comes after an activity produces an expected result. It is a beautiful feeling everybody desires but nnly very few enjoy it. Success comes at a price that anybody including you, can pay. The currency is available to everybody. All you need to do to get it, is to succeedContinue reading “If You Succeed At This, You Will Succeed At Anything!”

Last 24 Hours.

Hello My Friend, The count down to next year has begun. The last 24 hours, the last chance, not enough to do much, but enough to do just enough to hit the ground running next year. I know that next year is going to be a special year for you if you can create andContinue reading “Last 24 Hours.”

Boxes And Where Heaven Is.

Have you opened your boxes yet? Do you have a unique present in any of them? Something you have never been presented with before? And which you may never be gifted again. I just finished opening mine. Out of one, leapt out this present. A piece of paper. On it are written the following words.Continue reading “Boxes And Where Heaven Is.”

What Is #Christmas To You?

Hi, what is christmas to you? Is it just a period to party with family and friends, exchange gifts and try real hard to show love, whether genuine or fake? Is it the time to get to meet Him in a way you never created time to do this outgoing year? The answer to theContinue reading “What Is #Christmas To You?”

Charity And Jennifer Lawrence. So what?

Do you believe in #charity? Some do, some do not, but charity concerns all of us, including you and I. Of course, you know that charity is love and love is charity. Don’t you crave for love? You want to be loved, I want to be loved, everybody wants to be loved. To be lovedContinue reading “Charity And Jennifer Lawrence. So what?”

Few Words

Most are yet to overcome the stage fright but they are working hard to be in the limelight. Wealt goes to those who create it, stays with those who conserve it and grows for those who successfully invest it. Money grows on the branch of the tree by the bank of the river. The branchContinue reading “Few Words”

How Do You Speak?

Words are powerful. Wordsmiths understand the power of words and they exploit it effectively. If you must use words powerfully, it must originate from your mind and not from your mouth. Words that originate from your mouth lack depth and the power of conviction. If you speak without thinking, then you are not being convincing.Continue reading “How Do You Speak?”

What Do You #Care About?

Most #care about things that are here today and are gone tomorrow. They care more about the abundance in the shadow and careless about the wealth in the substance. They care about nothing while deluding themselves to care about much because there is nothing of value in the much they are pursuing. (www.twitter.com/Ayietim1). Most peopleContinue reading “What Do You #Care About?”