The Pains Are The Road Map To A Good.Life.

The moon is out of reach, deep your feet in the sand on the beach, put your hand in mine and let me lead you, to where you and I desire but wben I am wrong, don’t hesitate, be bold, carry the big stick and get me into line, for the discomfort will temporarily, butContinue reading “The Pains Are The Road Map To A Good.Life.”

Burst down those closet doors once and for all, and stand up and start to fight. Harvey Milk

Clean out your closet, bring out all those skeletons, spare no ghost or you will still be scared to death, to try out new things because of past failures, and you will never remember that the truth is: nothing ventured, nothing done.

Abandoned In A Lonely Cemetery ? Then It’s Over.

Many times, recently, you have failed several times at getting those things you want so much. Now, you would be excused if you have concluded that everybody and everything are against you and the things you love, hello! Hold on a second and listen to this: The race of life is over when one isContinue reading “Abandoned In A Lonely Cemetery ? Then It’s Over.”

Throw Doubts Overboard And Save The Ship Of Progress From Sinking.

Look around you briefly, then close your eyes for a moment, shut out all activities and those beautiful faces, walk around the wonderland of your inner being, get to discover the truth about who you are and who you will always be, those wishes are not just dreams, they are memories, memories from the futureContinue reading “Throw Doubts Overboard And Save The Ship Of Progress From Sinking.”

If I have to lay an egg for my country, I’ll do it. Bob Hope

If you want to build the world of your dream, then you must first change the way you think, and then begin, to lay the golden egg of a great attitude, a great attitude wakes up the sun, lights up your moon, gives you the midas to turn everything gold and build s world whereContinue reading “If I have to lay an egg for my country, I’ll do it. Bob Hope”