William Blake – Songs of Innocence (Introduction).

Piping down the valleys wild Piping songs of pleasant glee On a cloud I saw a child. And he laughing said to me.  Pipe a song about a Lamb; So I piped with merry chear, Piper pipe that song again— So I piped, he wept to hear. Drop thy pipe thy happy pipe Sing thy songs of happy chear, So I sung theContinue reading “William Blake – Songs of Innocence (Introduction).”

” Assumptions Are The Termites Of Relationships.” – Henry Winkler.

It took sweat and love,to build a beautiful home for two on trust; then slowly that relationship is collapsing,sadly both are still busy fighting; what caused this war between two?one heard a rumor and assumed same to be true, without asking for proof,too impatient to find out the real truth; now two are at theContinue reading “” Assumptions Are The Termites Of Relationships.” – Henry Winkler.”

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

“Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.” – Joseph Campbell. When you discover yourself, you will also discover why you are here, how you could have all you want, know which road leadsContinue reading “What Is The Meaning Of Life?”

Christopher Logue – “Come To The Edge…”

“Come to the edge.We might fall.Come to the edge.It’s too high!Come to the edge!And they came,and he pushed,and they flew.” – Christopher Logue. Come to the edge,,aren’t you tired of the boredom of sameness? no new excitement in the comfort zone,no new challenges, nothing to push you, don’t you know you could dream bigger,don’t youContinue reading “Christopher Logue – “Come To The Edge…””

Robert William Service – “?”

If you had the choice of two women to wed,(Though of course the idea is quite absurd)And the first from her heels to her dainty headWas charming in every sense of the word:And yet in the past (I grieve to state),She never had been exactly “straight”. And the second — she was beyond all cavil,AContinue reading “Robert William Service – “?””

Thomas Chatterton – A New Song.

Ah blame me not, Catcott, if from the right wayMy notions and actions run far.How can my ideas do other but stray,Deprived of their ruling North-Star? A blame me not, Broderip, if mounted aloft,I chatter and spoil the dull air;How can I imagine thy foppery soft,When discord’s the voice of my fair? If Turner remittedContinue reading “Thomas Chatterton – A New Song.”

Jack Welch – “Control Your Own Destiny or Someone Else Will.”

Your destiny is in own your hands,the mold you give it, is the reality you have; No one is responsible,for your failure, success and happiness, and wherever you are in life at any time,is a product of the decisions of your heart; yes, it’s true, whether you’re conscious or not,your destiny is a function ofContinue reading “Jack Welch – “Control Your Own Destiny or Someone Else Will.””

Margaret Atwood – “I Would Like To Be The Air That Inhabits You For A Moment Only.”

I would like to go everywherebut still make you the home I live in; I would like to be your strength,be your source of confidence, be all that makes you feel happyeven though you wouldn’t notice me; it would be hard for you to appreciate mebecause taking my love for granted comes to you easily;Continue reading “Margaret Atwood – “I Would Like To Be The Air That Inhabits You For A Moment Only.””

Isamu Noguchi – “Appreciate The Moment.”

Appreciate the moment,forget the past and all the pains and all the regrets about the things you did wrong,and all the words that came out wrong, and you’re embarrassed everytime you remember,the time has now come for you to become betterat being you by using every moment you haveto always learn and always discoverbetter waysContinue reading “Isamu Noguchi – “Appreciate The Moment.””