How Brands Can Use Data Driven Storytelling for Business Expansion.

What is data storytelling? It’s a storytelling skill that is used to break down hard to understand data to an easy to understand narrative. A data driven storytelling is a tool for analyzing and filtering large data to present a position with a high engagement and a significant conversion rates. What are the qualities ofContinue reading “How Brands Can Use Data Driven Storytelling for Business Expansion.”

5 Reasons WACC Is An Effective Investment Decision Making Tool.

The life of an entrepreneur depends on their ability to make sound investment decisions. Sound investment decisions guarantee sustained profitability. Sustained profitability guarantees the attainment of the going concern status.  So a company  that is in the business of long term investments must be armed with investment decision making tools that helps in figuring outContinue reading “5 Reasons WACC Is An Effective Investment Decision Making Tool.”

Business Financing: Why is capital gearing ratio important?

Having a great business idea without a startup capital is like wandering a vast desert in search of an oasis. You are literally going to leap in when you see one. Then gulp down the water with all the impurities. It’s wise to understand what capital gearing is before you decide to borrow or notContinue reading “Business Financing: Why is capital gearing ratio important?”

Why Should I Bundle My Insurance Policies?

An insurance policy to a large extent, should provide the restoration of the value of a lost asset. In the light of this merit, investing in insurance policies is a wise investment. A healthy net worth is a positive value of net assets. A postlitive value of net assets indicates excess of total assets overContinue reading “Why Should I Bundle My Insurance Policies?”

What Should Be Included In A Personal Budget.

Do you have a budget? Is it designed to help you grow? What type of Hosting is Bluehost? A budget is your quantitative plan. It is a collection of the things you want to spend money on and where the money is going to come from. It is a simply a collection of your futureContinue reading “What Should Be Included In A Personal Budget.”