11 Derek Parfit Famous Philosophy And Life Quotes.

Life can be wonderfulas well as terrible;It depends on whether you’re imprisoned in a glass tunnelor you’re out of the tunnel, in the open air, freely exploring opportunities life presents to no end. Derek Antony Parfit FBA, was born on11 December 1942.He was a British philosopher who specialised in personal identity, rationality, and ethics. 11Continue reading “11 Derek Parfit Famous Philosophy And Life Quotes.”

37 Contemporary Philosophical Thoughts From Michael Eneyo.

Michael Eneyo is a Nigerian scholar and a philosopher. He has written manyphilosophical books and articles on different challenging existential issues. His major books include Philosophy of Fear:A Move to Overcoming Negative Fear (2018), Philosophy of Unity: Love as an Ultimate Unifier (2019) and Ethics: Judging Morality Beyond the Limits of Man (2020). Eneyo hasContinue reading “37 Contemporary Philosophical Thoughts From Michael Eneyo.”

The Transhuman World And Its Fears: The Fearological Guide for the Developing Countries.

Introduction The contemporary society is confronted with various new challenges and ambivalences that were not typical of the natural world. The effects of these challenges on humans and the move to solving them have notoriously brought a paradigm shift to the natural world order. The once mostly predictable regularities of the natural world have becomeContinue reading “The Transhuman World And Its Fears: The Fearological Guide for the Developing Countries.”

Philosophy Of Unity: Love As An Ultimate Unifier. – A Course On Philosophy.

While boundary and division are mostly creation from humanity’s greed and hatred for another, love is a bridge that brings every being together. In love there’s no boundary and division”—Michael Eneyo

It Is Your Character That Defines Who You Truly Are.

Your position or your wealth should not make you think that you are better than everyone else, rather, you should see it as an opportunity to prove that nature did not make mistake to honour you with the position or with wealth. Everyone deserves respect from you, whether poor or rich, except the one whoContinue reading “It Is Your Character That Defines Who You Truly Are.”

Freedom Is An Illusion: It Is Either You Are In A “Noble Chain” Or A “Chain Of Enslavement.”

I will not fight for freedom, I will rather fight tot loose myself from the heavy chain of enslavement caused by our silence in the face of oppression. Today, we must resolve to embrace the NOBLE CHAIN. The chain that will bind us together as a people. The chain that will not make us seeContinue reading “Freedom Is An Illusion: It Is Either You Are In A “Noble Chain” Or A “Chain Of Enslavement.””