Meet My New Friends;@PreciseThoughts,@kamper…

Please meet my new friends on twitter; @PreciseThoughts, @kamper, @thekidsnowadays, @Pax420,@couponaz, @LydiaHearst. They are all so special. They all have something special for everyone. Check them out on Who are your friends on ? Ayi Etim.

What Do You #Care About?

Most #care about things that are here today and are gone tomorrow. They care more about the abundance in the shadow and careless about the wealth in the substance. They care about nothing while deluding themselves to care about much because there is nothing of value in the much they are pursuing. ( Most peopleContinue reading “What Do You #Care About?”

What Kind of Human Being Are You?

You are hit on the face by an enemy and you do not hit back. You are spat on and you do not spit back. You are abused and you do not return it. You are violently assailed and attacked without any justification and you do not retaliate even when it is your capacity toContinue reading “What Kind of Human Being Are You?”

Avoid The 2014 Business Pitfalls In 2015

Why did your business not succeed in 2014? You did not set out to fail in your business in 2014. You really wanted to succeed and you strategized to succeed. Then why did you not succeed?. 1. Did you make the simple mistake of trying to feed the consuming public with what you thought theyContinue reading “Avoid The 2014 Business Pitfalls In 2015”

What Has Success Got To Do With Passion?

Success is #passion practised to near perfection and placed in the public domain for use. ( For success to come your way, there must be something in your life which you are passionate about. There must be a talent. You must develop it passionately and you must develop it zealously. A passion for a particularContinue reading “What Has Success Got To Do With Passion?”

In 2014 I MET @barkingd, @silentlovexo, @cliffping,…

In 2014, I met; @barkingd, @silentlovexo, @cliffping, @DIY_for_Iphone, @SocialMediaMo. All great people, brilliant minds and true friends. They have helped me expand my frontiers of knowledge and wisdom. They have been so inspiring. I am still meeting more extraordinary people. Join me and have fun. Thanks folks. @ayietim1

Network = Net Worth 1

Who do you have in your network? What is their value, what is their worth? Do you have average joes or pros in your network. It is important to have people with considerable depth in wisdom, knowledge, skills and intelligence in your network, as the people you are closest to, are those in your network.Continue reading “Network = Net Worth 1”